PCA Committee On Constitutional Business finds 3 overtures on Deaconesses contrary to Constitution

In their report to General Assembly, just released in the Supplement to the Commissioner Handbook, the CCB has found 3 of the 6 overtures concerning Deaconesses and related women’s ministry issues ‘contrary to the Constitution. In Overture 2 from Central Carolina Presbytery: “Amend BCO 9-7 to Prohibit Deaconesses”, their opinion was “it is contrary to... Continue Reading

Will It Unify Us?: Final Thoughts on the PCA Strategic Plan

It is time to face the fact that this Plan will not “unite” the PCA. It has already worsened existing fault lines. We might debate the whole idea of having a Strategic Plan. We should definitely consider its specific proposals. However, even if we came down in favor of everything about the Strategic Plan, we... Continue Reading

Changing the unchangeable Word

The PCUSA does not uphold the doctrine of sola Scriptura in what it proclaims or how it lives. One of the foundations of Reformed theology is the principle of sola Scriptura. As those called to uphold Reformed theology, we Presbyterians are to believe in the inspiration of Scripture, the infallibility of Scripture and the inerrancy... Continue Reading

Christian Reformed Synod Says No to Requested Transfers to Classis Minnkota

Both churches are opposed to women serving in ecclesiastical office, while the classes to which they belong allow it. After a long and emotional debate, Synod 2010 turned down the requests of two Christian Reformed congregations for permission to move their memberships from classes in Michigan to Classis Minnkota. A classis is a regional body... Continue Reading

Seminary President Al Mohler thanks SBC messengers for entrusting convictional students to SBTS

Mohler reminded messengers that 10 years ago in Orlando, they led the SBC to take a clear stand on biblical truth through the adoption of the Baptist Faith & Message 2000. Deep conviction and a passion for upholding truth and the Gospel makes it a privilege to train the current generation of students R. Albert... Continue Reading

Interviews with Candidates for PCUSA Moderator

The Layman asked each candidate to identify the top five issues at the upcoming PCUSA General Assembly, and share their position on each. (Answers are printed exactly as received – each candidate had a 500-word limit) Six individual articles are available on The Aquila Report – use links to read the interviews for each candidate:... Continue Reading

Christian Century Publishes Critique of PCUSA Document

MESC report “silences some Jews by naming them as difficult. It silences other Jews by presuming to speak for them without having spoken to them.” Two scholars from Vanderbilt Divinity School, Ted A. Smith and Amy-Jill Levine have written an authoriative critique of “Breaking Down the Walls,” a report that will be on the agenda... Continue Reading

Under the PCUSA big tent – will the Lion sleep?

But here’s the thing about a circus: surprise is always possible. Aslan might – He just might – be loosed from His cage. The Presbyterian Church (USA) refers to itself as a “big tent,” an apparent reference to its policies of “inclusiveness and diversity.” Biannually, the denomination’s General Assembly, as all circuses do, offers a... Continue Reading

SBC New President fields questions on GCR, CP and Calvinism

Asked where he stood in his convictions regarding Calvinism: “I really don’t believe that human beings are ever going to completely reconcile the sovereignty of God and the free will of man. Newly elected Southern Baptist Convention President Bryant Wright wants to see Southern Baptists return to their first love, radically reprioritize their lives, funding... Continue Reading

CRC Synod Discusses Lord’s Table Proposal to include children prior to Profession of Faith

In its recommendations, the Faith Formation Committee said that a formal Profession of Faith prior to participation in the Lord’s Supper “is not required by Scripture or the confessions.” Synod 2010 of the Christian Reformed Church in North America agreed on Tuesday to a process that could lead to the adoption next year of new,... Continue Reading