Report of the RPCNA Synod Meeting June 11-13, 2019

The Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America (RPCNA) Synod met concurrently with the Associate Presbyterian Church (ARP) Synod at Geneva College in Beaver Falls, Penn.

The Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America (RPCNA) Synod and the Associate Presbyterian Church (ARP) Synod met concurrently on the campus of Geneva College in Beaver Falls, Penn., June 11-13, 2019. The meeting began its first day with a joint worship service with. Pastor Gabriel Fluhrer (First ARP, Columbia, S.C.) spoke on the text, “If... Continue Reading

The Westminster Society Meeting During the EPC General Assembly, June 18-21, 2019

The Westminster Society is a networking group within the Evangelical Presbyterian Church that seeks to foster unity in the EPC through “confessional churchmanship.”

The Westminster Society is a networking group within the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. It is not a commissioned ministry, mission, or committee of any court within the EPC, but hopes to help assist the EPC in continuing its vision for effective biblical leadership in the present and future of our church. The Society seeks to bless... Continue Reading

ARP Synod Statement On Human Sexuality

The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church Position Statement on Human Sexuality; approved by the 2019 Synod.

Turning now to the more central question asked of the committee in regards to human sexuality and GLBTQ+ orientations it is shown by the Confession and Catechisms, as it already was illustrated by the Scriptures, that there is no sense in which any sin, be they of a sexual kind or not, can be rested... Continue Reading

Report of the 2019 Orthodox Presbyterian Church General Assembly

The 86th General Assembly of the OPC convened on June 5, 2019 on the campus of the University of Texas at Dallas.

Mr. Haney thanked the Assembly for the honor of serving as Moderator and noted that his father (the late Rev. George Haney) had been the Moderator of the Assembly in 1979, 40 years ago. Mr. Haney serves the denomination as Director of Finance and Planned Giving for the Committee on Coordination, and Director of the... Continue Reading

The Parity of Elders in the PCA is a Great Idea: Overture 1—Not So Much

Overture 1 proposes to increase the attendance of Ruling Elder commissioners at the PCA General Assembly in relation to the number of Teaching Elders.

While parity of number among elders is an elusive goal, it should be vigorously pursued so that the historic foundation of grass roots Presbyterianism in the PCA is not lost at the court of GA. Instead of changing our BCO with the insufficient fix proposed in Overture 1, the elders of the church should work... Continue Reading

Women Serving On PCA Committees and Agencies? One More Time with Feeling

Five presbyteries have presented the same-worded overture (8, 14, 19, 21, and 32) asking the PCA to allow women to serve on the permanent committees and agencies of the PCA.

It seems like a manifest incongruity with the general principles of Biblical polity to place women and unordained men in the position of acting as nominated representatives of presbyteries on committees and boards of the General Assembly as they would be placed in a position alongside of men who are acting in those committees in... Continue Reading

PCA Missouri Presbytery Report on Inquiry into South City Church

Inquiry into events surrounding the use of facilities for a meeting at South City Church in January 2019.

This matter, falling under the provisions of BCO 13, is an inquiry and not a formal judicial investigation. An inquiry is conducted for the express purpose of making a presbytery aware of the facts of a situation that has raised questions or concerns. Conversely, an investigation is defined in BCO 31 and may lead to... Continue Reading

Attendance of Teaching Elder and Ruling Elder Commissioners at the General Assemblies of the PCA from 1973 to 2018

The average PCA TE commissioner enrollment over 46 years was 765.0, and the average RE commissioner enrollment was 327.0 over that same period.

The percent participation of RE commissioners has decreased over every 10-year period since the first GA in 1973. In the first decade of the PCA, an average of 42% of the commissioners at the annual GA were REs. Since the 40th GA in 2014, the average RE participation at the GA of 302.7 was only... Continue Reading

Westminster Presbytery (PCA) Report to Investigate the Teachings of the Revoice Conference

Westminster Presbytery (Presbyterian Church America) adopted its Committee Report on the Revoice Conference on March 9, 2019.

The counsel and teaching of the Revoice conference is, for the most part, in grave error and is spiritually reckless and destructive (as we have fully documented). The church must support, encourage, and empower people to repent from and put to death their LGBT identities, attractions, desires, and/or actions with the help of Christ. And... Continue Reading

Central Carolina Presbytery Study Committee Report on 2018 Revoice Conference

The Presbytery voted to “receive the committee’s report and commend the report to the churches and the denomination.

At its May 28, 2019 stated meeting, the PCA Central Carolina Presbytery heard the report of its ad interim study committee appointed on November 12, 2018, “to explore the 2018 Revoice Conference and to report its findings to Central Carolina Presbytery and recommend any action that the Presbytery might take.” The Presbytery voted to “receive... Continue Reading