Orthodox Presbyterian Church 2014 General Assembly Report 1

The 81st General Assembly of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church is meeting at Kuyper College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, from June 4–10, 2014

Rev. Craig Troxel, pastor of Bethel Presbyterian Church in Wheaton, IL, was elected as moderator of the 81st General Assembly. Rev. Archibald Allison, pastor of Emmaus Presbyterian Church in Ft. Collins, CO, had also been nominated. Mr. Danny Olinger, who had nominated Mr. Troxel, escorted him to the podium and then led the assembly in... Continue Reading

At the OPC General Assembly: Final Business

The 81st OPC General Assembly will meet at Kuyper College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, June 4–10, 2014

The Committee on Arrangements made its final report. Budgets for GA purposes were approved and a resolution of thanks to St. Mary’s College was adopted. The assembly was dissolved by the moderator, who called for the 81st General Assembly to meet at Kuyper College in Grand Rapids, Michigan from June 4–10, 2014.   There were... Continue Reading

At the 2013 OPC General Assembly: Reports of Committees

The OPC General Assembly is meeting at St. Mary’s College in Moraga, California

The 73rd OPC General Assembly authorized the Committee on Christian Education to develop a Psalter-Hymnal. Its mandate is to include musical settings of all 150 Psalms, in their entirety, with as much accuracy and as little archaic language and confusing syntax as possible, for use in churches. In 2012 the United Reformed Churches of North... Continue Reading

2013 General Assembly of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church Begins

The OPC General Assembly is meeting at St. Mary’s College in Moraga, California

There were three pastors nominated for moderator: Archibald Allison, Larry Westerveld, and Jeffrey Landis. After the nomination speeches, balloting was to take place though electronic voting devices but they did not work; paper ballots were provided for the delegates. Jeffrey Landis, pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church in San Jose, Calif., was elected as moderator.  ... Continue Reading

Dakotas Presbytery Overtures OPC GA Concerning Views on Adam Taught by a PCA Minister

Concerns about the public teachings of PCA minister Ron Choong about Adam

The first article explicitly rejects the Westminster Confession of Faith’s view of Adam being made with an immortal soul and questions if Adam was created in knowledge, righteousness and holiness. The other article suggests that “if the biblical account of what we call the fall can be understood as ‘rising beasts,’ ‘falling upwards’ to moral... Continue Reading

OPC Concludes its 79th General Assembly

The OPC is known for having hearty discussion on the floor of its assemblies, and several commissioners noted this year that the expression of strong convictions can be maintained together with “the meekness of wisdom” (James 3:13) as the tenor of the debates can testify.

OPC Hosts Deacons Summit; Receive greetings from Fraternal Church Partners During Friday meetings

The assembly had a time of thanksgiving to the Lord for the labors of Mr. Ross Graham, who is retiring from his position as General Secretary of Home Missions in 2013.

OPC 2012 General Assembly Report Thursday, June 7

An observer might wonder if the five or six hours that advisory committees meet is really a good use of time. Wouldn't the assembly be better off just plunging right into the great number of reports and issues which will consume it's time during the week? The answer is a resounding "no." These committees have proven year after year that they actually save the Assembly time, eliminate much confusion and help the church conduct its work in a more orderly manner.

The Orthodox Presbyterian Church Begins Its 79th General Assembly – By Ken Montgomery

The 79th General Assembly of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church is meeting at Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois, June 6–12, 2012. The meeting began with a sermon preached by the retiring moderator, Mr. Danny Olinger, who serves as the General Secretary of the OPC Committee of Christian Education. Mr. Olinger preached from Genesis 1:1-2, reminding the Assembly... Continue Reading

The OPC Turns 75 at its 2011 General Assembly

Rev. John P. Galbraith, 98, a student of J. Gresham Machen who was ordained in 1937….delivered a stirring reminder to the Assembly that the OPC was a sin-stained communion to whom God has been good. He urged ongoing fidelity to the “two pillars” of its founders: that the Bible was the Word of God and... Continue Reading