Evangelical Presbyterian Church has grown from 182 to 364 churches in five years

Executive presbyters in the PCUSA know of 800 churches in the discernment or dismissal process

The Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) voted unanimously to elect the Rev. Jeffrey Jeremiah to a third term as its stated clerk. In his remarks to the assembly, meeting this week at First Presbyterian Church, Baton Rouge, Jeremiah said that five years ago (2007) the EPC had 182 churches. Today, that number has literally doubled to 364.

EPC General Assembly, Friday Morning

Two congregations share news of weather-involved tragedy

Over seven hundred people from the EPC poured into the town from both teams and individual volunteer commitments to graciously assist. One church alone sent over 21 teams to Joplin, MO (sight of massive tornado)

From the EPC General Assembly: Thursday Morning Business Session

Focus on World Missions

First order of business was to bring forward 37 of the EPC’s world missionaries for prayer and recognition. Across the stage stood singles and couple’s representing the 324-church denomination’s work in Afghanistan, Belarus, Guatemala, and England among other locations.

EPC General Assembly Begins on a Light-Hearted Note

A packed house of presbyters, many toting Bibles under their arms, could set them aside for the evening as entertainment was clearly the goal of the initial gathering.

Preview of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church General Assembly

Report from the State Clerk of the EPC

The Assembly will consider a constitutional amendment clarifying the process whereby a minister may serve beyond the age of 70. The Assembly will be asked to combine the Student Ministries and College Ministries Committees into a single ministry. The Assembly will welcome fraternal guests Reverend Seth Yi representing the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church and Reverend Woody Markett representing the Presbyterian Church in America.

Evangelical Presbyterian Church 31st General Assembly – Report of the Stated Clerk

Churches – there are 298 member churches that are a part of the EPC, an increase of 27 churches from 2009. Membership – total church membership grew from 99,795 (2009) to 105,908 in 2010. This is an increase of 6,113, or 6.1%. Nearing the completion of my fifth year as Stated Clerk, I’m grateful for... Continue Reading

Detailed Report from the Evangelical Presbyterian Church 2011 General Assembly

The 31st General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbytery Church met in Memphis on June 23-24-25. Following is a detail report of what occurred on each day. Report of Thursday Events Moderator Rob Liddon convened the 31st General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church at 10:00. Chaplain Brian Hill offered the convening prayer. The Business Sessions... Continue Reading

EPC forms two new presbyteries: The A and P (Alleghany and Pacific)

“We want to conceive of a presbytery that promotes the mission of the church composed of missional networks that are both intra, inter and co-centric with the presbytery itself. The new presbytery of the Allegheny presbytery represents a good example of what this might look like elsewhere.” The 460 commissioners of the 31st General Assembly... Continue Reading

EPC Chooses recent transfers from PC(USA) for leadership positions

Second, Henderson says, he is now “convinced that the greatest single strategic opportunity is captured in the diaspora, I came back committed to finding and reaching the international communities in our own backyard. For us in West Lafayette, that’s the international students or immigrant communities surrounding Purdue University. Former minister members of the Presbyterian Church... Continue Reading

Evangelical Presbyterian Church’s Stated Clerk’s report – Orthodoxy. Orthopraxy. And orthopathos?

In his comments to the 1,000 plus attendees of the 31st General Assembly meeting of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Stated Clerk Jeffrey Jeremiah said, “I believe our Lord is saying to us today, ‘I see your orthodoxy. It is essential and I commend you for it. I see your orthopraxy as well. Now, show me... Continue Reading