The Westminster Society Meeting During the EPC General Assembly, June 18-21, 2019

The Westminster Society is a networking group within the Evangelical Presbyterian Church that seeks to foster unity in the EPC through “confessional churchmanship.”

The Westminster Society is a networking group within the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. It is not a commissioned ministry, mission, or committee of any court within the EPC, but hopes to help assist the EPC in continuing its vision for effective biblical leadership in the present and future of our church. The Society seeks to bless... Continue Reading

The Westminster Society and the EPC General Assembly

The Westminster Society is a relatively new networking group within the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

The Society aims to provide annual networking lunch opportunities at our General Assemblies for our members and visitors to gather around productive, in-depth theological conversations. More importantly, we hope to deepen friendships and foster professional collegiality among our ministers and ruling elders. Additionally, we seek to advocate for a strong view of the implementation and... Continue Reading

EPC General Assembly Adopts Position Paper on Human Sexuality

The 37th General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church adopted the Preliminary Position Paper on Human Sexuality as the its official Position Paper on Human Sexuality.

A Position Paper expresses the mind of the General Assembly of the EPC on a subject of compelling interest. It is a definitive but not an exhaustive statement, and is not to be regarded as binding on the conscience of churches or individuals.   Commissioners to the 37th General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC)... Continue Reading

EPC GA Debates Revision of Abortion Statement

Revising their abortion statement was on the agenda of The Evangelical Presbyterian Church GA

For Presbyterians newly transferred from the PCUSA it was refreshing to participate in substantive debate on the nuances of wording in a gathering where there was clearly essential unity about standing against abortion and acknowledging that every human life is sacred and precious to God. Commissioners were clearly intent on giving careful attention to the... Continue Reading

EPC Assembly Opens with “Understanding the Secular Landscape” Presentation

Mittleberg spoke of seven “key elements that will equip and motivate us to better reach our world for Jesus Christ.”

“In order for this to happen, we have to move first. The Great Commission starts with the command to go and that is Jesus’ command to us, His disciples today.” Referring to the pictogram he asked, “When you look at this — do you yell across the chasm and call them to come to you?... Continue Reading

William Dudley Elected Moderator of the EPC

Dudley has been the senior pastor of Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church in Signal Mountain, Tenn., for 24 years

Dudley has served as associate pastor of Memorial Presbyterian Church in Montgomery, Ala.; pastor of Newnan Presbyterian Church in Newnan, Ga.; and, again at Memorial Church as senior pastor for 14 years before to his call to Signal Mountain. After 38 years of ministry in the Presbyterian Church (USA), in 2007, Dudley transferred his ordination... Continue Reading

Evangelical Presbyterian Church Meets In Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Record Assembly to consider new presbytery and approve a revised Book of Government

This is a record-setting General Assembly for the EPC. More than 1100 people from around the world will gather in Denver, including 620 voting commissioners and 35 exhibitors. The General Assembly will also have an international flavor to it. In attendance will be more than 60 EPC missionaries, 50% more than last year, and fraternal... Continue Reading

A Preview of the 2013 EPC General Assembly

The 33rd General Assembly meeting of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church will be held at Cherry Hills Community Church in Highlands Ranch, Colo., June 18-22

A big part of the assembly will be the integration of hundreds of new delegates from churches that have realigned their denominational affiliation to the EPC in the past 12 months. Every minister member of the EPC and a complement of elders from every EPC congregation may be seated as commissioners. With more than 400... Continue Reading

Evangelical Presbyterian Church issues statement on Preventive Care Mandate

Religious liberty means Americans are free to practice their chosen religion everywhere, all the time

Debate of the issue at the assembly acknowledged that the EPC does not take political positions but does issue statements related to theological and Biblical matters. Because life, religious liberty and the free exercise of the conscience are regarded as issues of significant importance, commissioners agreed overwhelmingly to issue the statement.

EPC General Assembly re-drawing some presbytery boundaries around women’s ordination

Ordination of women to all offices is an essential "yes" in the PCUSA and ECO, and an essential "no" in the PCA; "non-essential" in the EPC.

Currently, two of the EPC presbyteries are majority complementarian, which means they do not ordain women to the office of teaching elder. And in Mid-America "a number of presbyters have expressed the view that churches with women ruling elders should not be received into the presbytery."