A Tale of Two Moderators: “We have wolves in our midst – and it is open season” says outgoing moderator of ARP Synod

“Often, when the church seems buried and things seem most discouraging, God is working profoundly beneath the surface. Fathers and brothers, what is God doing to further his grace among us so that He can work his grace through us? Let us not look at the externals – the statistics, the reports, the so-called struggles for control and blame-shifting. Rather, let us call upon our Sovereign God under whose lordship we stand and serve." (Comments of incoming Moderator)

Report of Actions of First Presbytery, ARP, Meeting at June 5 meeting – by Daniel Wells

The congregation of Progressive ARP in Princeton, NC met on April 29, 2012 and voted to restore the (Presbytery deposed) Session; to withdraw membership from the ARP Denomination; and to dissolve the pastoral relationship with the Rev. Percy Coleman.

Creation Debates — Another Reply to William Evans – by William VanDoodewaard

I do believe that literal six day creation is the best, most sound way to affirm the special creation of Adam and Eve, but this, of course, does not mean that I believe that only a six day creationist can affirm the special, immediate creation of Adam from inanimate dust, and Eve from his rib.... Continue Reading

‘Open Mike’ with Iain Murray, Dick DeWitt, and Rick Phillips at Reformation ARP in Hendersonville, NC – by Don K. Clements

When DeWitt was asked, by Murray, if he believed in revival (I believe trying simply to engage him in the conversation), DeWitt simply said, after a brief pause, 'Yes!'

ARP Professors exchange blogs on creation issue in the denomination: VanDoodewaard comments on Evans

How the ARP Synod will respond to the Mississippi Valley memorial remains to be seen, but to me it is clearly worded, says what needs to be said, and is something that as stated pretty much everyone should be able to in good conscience agree upon. I trust the Lord will give wisdom, love and faithfulness, in this important discussion and decision.

ARP Professors exchange blogs on creation issue in the denomination: Evans responds to VanDoodewaard

I am an old-earth, special creation of Adam and Eve guy, and I am genuinely uncomfortable with macro-evolutionary explanations of human origins.

Erskine Professor Bill Evans Responds: Trustee John Basie Has a Point

…let us rejoice in Dr. Norman's transparent articulation of his views, which has afforded us this opportunity to explore important matters, and let us strive to be both faithful and rigorous in our analysis, all with the goal of glorifying God and edifying the Church.

An Open Letter to Erskine College President David Norman – by Scott Cook

What Do You Believe about Jesus Christ and other Basic Doctrines of the Christian Faith?

Suppose: A friend of the family (who was a Christian) has just died, and this young man has been asked to officiate the funeral and needs your advice. What would you tell him to say to the family members when they ask what has become of their loved one? What happens until the resurrection?

2012 Associate Reformed Presbyterian General Synod Faces Tough Decisions – by William B. Evans

In other words, at death the person ceases to exist, but at the final resurrection God creates a new and improved version of the sae person. This extinction-re-creation view was held by Norman’s intellectual hero, the Scottish brain scientist Donald MacKay, and is defended by Norman himself.   This upcoming meeting of the Associate Reformed... Continue Reading

A message from Erskine College Board of Trustees Chair Joe Patrick

In anticipation of the fast-approaching 2012 Synod of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, at which once again this year issues concern the denominations College and Seminary will be the subject of much discussion and debate, Erskine Board Chairman has sent out an open letter to all ministers and elders in the denomination In addition to... Continue Reading