Trustees offer modified charter language to ARP General Synod

An announcement from the Erskine College and Theological Seminary Board of Trustees

As part of its meetings May 23-24, the Board of Trustees of Erskine College and Theological Seminary voted to approve language for a proposed charter change regarding trustee removal. This proposed language addresses three important standards for trustee removal: cause, due process, and board approval. It also delineates the roles both Erskine and the ARP... Continue Reading

A response to WORLD Magazine

In press release, Erskine College and Seminary challenges the content of a recent story

What Erskine is doing is not an easy task, but it is worthwhile. The 2011 ARP Synod commended Erskine’s trustees and President Norman, who was just completing his first in office, for their effective work. Again this year, the 2012 ARP Synod commended Erskine’s trustees and administration for being willing to continue the dialogue on these issues.

Incoming Moderator’s Address to the Associated Reformed Presbyterian 2012 General Synod

We will spend the bulk of our time over the next two days dealing with areas that do not fall directly under the Confession’s stated functions for a synod. I wonder why we spend so much time on what has little to do with the purpose of a synod according to our Confession. At the Synod level, we are doing more than the Confession calls for.

Separation of ARP Church and School?

Struggle Over Governance of Erskine College and Seminary

At the 2011 Synod meeting, the Erskine board was directed to revise its charter and bylaws to clarify the relationship between church and schools and acknowledge that the Synod…has the power to remove board members when necessary. In February, the board…refused to make the necessary changes to the charter and bylaws.

UPDATED 6-8 ARP Synod: Attempt to suspend Erskine funding ruled out of order, fails by 2 votes; ‘governance issue’ to return in 2013 – by Daniel Wells

Rev. David Vance, the committee’s chairman...noted that in recommendation 8 (Minority Report), the committee desires the $431,000 allocated funds to Erskine to be placed in escrow until there is a satisfactory response and action from the Erskine Board. Principle Clerk Ron Beard referred to recommendations 6-8 as out of order since the Minority Report of Erskine is out of order in terms of Synod’s program.

ARP Synod Nearly Dissolves a Presbytery – By Daniel Wells

Of the many controversial items before the 2012 ARP General Synod, one which was certainly controversial and would be a rarity in the ARP’s history was the recommendation by the Executive Board of the Synod to dissolve Pacific Presbytery. The reasons behind this recommendation go back several years. The Synod has been frustrated with Pacific... Continue Reading

Actions of the ARP Synod at its Thursday Morning Session – By Daniel Wells

Recommendations from the Memorials, Complaints, and Executive Board presented to the ARP Synod and the actions of Synod on the recommendations. The ARP Synod is meeting at the Bonclarken Conference Center in Flat Rock, NC. The following was considered by the Synod on June 7. Memorials Committee The Committee on Memorials presented a number of... Continue Reading

ARP Synod Affirms Special Creation of Adam and Eve – By Daniel Wells

The Synod of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, meeting on June 7, overwhelmingly approved an overture affirming the special creation of Adam and Eve and rejecting all evolutionary views of their origin. The hotly debated memorial from Mississippi Valley Presbytery on the special creation of Adam and Eve as amended by the Memorials Committee was... Continue Reading

ARP Synod Makes History in Electing First Foreign Moderator

The ARP Synod made history and has elected its first ever “foreign” Moderator. Rev. Rob Patrick, Pastor of Bartow ARP, Bartow, FL, nominated Rev. Jeff Kingswood, Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Woodstock, Ontario, for Moderator for the 2013 Synod. Mr. Patrick noted that two years ago he nominated Rev. Andrew Putnam, who ran against... Continue Reading

Reports from several ‘Moderator’s Committees’ at the ARP General Synod

…the 2011 Synod…passed a policy for trustee removal from agencies and boards. Various agencies contacted Paul Bell, Director for Central Services about issues of legality. Synod’s attorney, Mr. Dan Eller, studied the issue and reported back to the Executive Board that there are liability issues with having this policy.