Failing the Faith Test at Erskine

Potential candidate for president of Erskine College withdraws over objections that he is a Baptist

The candidate believed he could meet those standards. Cliff Smith, a spokesman for Erskine, declined to name the candidate, but said that he withdrew because, based on “the views of some board members and church members, he felt he would be in the position of creating tension or dissension and further conflict” at the college... Continue Reading

Grateful Realism: A Response to Clint Davis’ Review of the ARP General Synod

Along with gratitude the ARP should celebrate there is also a sober realism that must be faced

The much-celebrated vote to reclaim Synod’s rights to remove Erskine Board members with cause, as well as the solid slate of new trustees which were elected, should indeed encourage all who believe the schools, both college and seminary, are agencies of the Church.  However, as necessary as these steps are, it must be remembered that the... Continue Reading

Reflections on the 2013 ARP Synod: The ARP in the Present and Future

An assessment of the 2013 ARP Synod

The ARP has a rich and storied heritage in the faith. This blessed heritage is a direct result of the faithfulness of God, which he has demonstrated time and time again to us over the past 200+ years. He was present with our Scottish forefathers as they sought the reformation of the church in Scotland.... Continue Reading

Reflections on the 2013 General Synod of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

An assessment of the 2013 ARP Synod meeting

The 2013 meeting of General Synod was a very good one. I can safely say it was one of the best meetings of Synod that I have ever attended. Many good things are happening in the ARP Church, and theologically we are trending in the right direction. If we can overcome our mistakes, I expect... Continue Reading

ARP Synod: Concluding Business

Moderator Kingswood’s efficient leadership combined with a relative lack of contentious issues brought Synod to a close in record time

Synod’s Committee on Inter-Church Relations recommended that the ARP Synod extend an invitation to the Reformed Presbyterian Church in North America (RPCNA) to hold concurrent synods at Bonclarkin in 2015. Both synods would conduct business in separate facilities in Bonclarkin, but the worship services would be conducted together and opportunities for fellowship would be built... Continue Reading

ARP Synod: RUF at Newberry College

An exciting new ministry opportunity in Newberry, South Carolina

RUF Newberry is slated to begin ministry on January 1, 2014, after TE Starkey transfers his credentials to Second Presbytery. This has been exciting not only for Newberry ARP, but also for the presbytery. It is no secret that Second Presbytery has been badly divided over Erskine-related issues for going on eight years now, but... Continue Reading

A Challenge from ARP Moderator Jeff Kingswood to Synod

The ARP Moderator challenges his church to be a confessional church

Brothers, the way to reform in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church is not through programs or politics.  The way to reformation is principled confessional Presbyterianism in action.  The meat and potatoes of the faith.  The truth of God’s Word. Horatius Bonar continues: “Let us honour the truth as God has done, as His apostles did,... Continue Reading

ARP Synod Exonerates Two Elders Who Had Sued the Church

ARP Synod sustains judicial decisions of lower courts exonerating two elders

The Minority Report having failed as a substitute motion, the Majority Report of the committee was again before the Synod. After a short period of debate, the Majority Report was adopted. This effectively ends any possibility of the men who sued the ARP Synod from being brought under discipline.   Background In 2009 the Associate... Continue Reading

ARP Synod: Synod and Erskine Settle the Question of Institutional Oversight

After years of debate, Erskine College and Seminary are clearly identified as under the authority of the ARP Synod

After a year of study, the Erskine Board agreed with the Synod’s committee that Synod does have the right to remove trustees with cause. According to board member Bill Cain, a “significant majority” of the board voted to change the charter at its May meeting. On Wednesday, June 12, the Synod-Erskine committee re-proposed the charter... Continue Reading

The ‘Inactive Roll’ and Biblical Shepherding and Discipline in the ARP Church

The concept of an inactive roll violates the clear intent of Biblical church discipline and shepherding

The concept of an inactive roll violates the clear intent of Biblical church discipline and shepherding. Even our definition of an active member is disgracefully lenient. A member of the Rotary Club has higher attendance requirements placed on him or her than in an ARP church! We are called to a far higher and holy... Continue Reading