Central Georgia Presbytery Requests the PCA General Assembly to Assume Jurisdiction Over the Missouri Presbytery Issue

Overture 2 from Central Georgia Presbytery places before the 48th PCA General Assembly a “BCO 34-1 request for General Assembly to Assume Original Jurisdiction in Missouri Presbytery Issue.”

Central Georgia Presbytery approved an overture at its January 11, 2020 Stated Meeting, placing before the 48th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America a “BCO 34-1 request for General Assembly to Assume Original Jurisdiction in Missouri Presbytery Issue.” An overture is a means by which a Presbytery can bring a matter to the... Continue Reading

Rescue the Perishing

Let’s devote ourselves to serving together to rescue the perishing.

As members of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC), of course, we work together with the denomination as a whole to spread the gospel and make disciples. The OPC’s ministry, called Worldwide Outreach, is three-pronged: church planting, sending out foreign missionaries, and providing biblical resources and training. Through its Committee on Home Missions and Church Extension, the... Continue Reading

PCA Retirement & Benefits Elects Ed Dunnington As Its Next President

Dunnington is a PCA teaching elder who has served as a financial planning advisor at RBI since 2015.

Ed Dunnington first felt the call to Christian ministry while attending Virginia Military Institute (VMI) where he received a B.S. in Mathematics. Dunnington subsequently went on active duty for the U.S. Army to fulfill his military service obligation. In 1994, he enrolled at Covenant Theological Seminary, graduating with a M.Div. in 1998. That same year... Continue Reading

“Surprising Errors” in Greg Johnson’s Assessment of the RPCES 1980 Homosexuality Report

A response to a faulty assessment of the 1980 RPCES on the “Pastoral Care for the Repentant Homosexual” report.

The bland wording on the synod agenda was: “Report of the Study Committee on Homosexuality.”  When it came time to deal with the study, the synod did not want such a nondescript label, so it supplied its own: “Pastoral Care for the Repentant Homosexual.” That was the official title approved back in 1980. In saying... Continue Reading

Donahoe Announces Members of Study Committee on Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault

The committee will consist of four teaching elders, three ruling elders, and four advisory members.

“The Dallas GA has given this study committee a monumental task. This team will serve us well,” Donahoe said. “And the role and importance of the advisors cannot be overemphasized. We’re grateful for their willingness to participate, and for the wisdom, insight and experience they will bring.”   Howie Donahoe, moderator of the 47th General Assembly,... Continue Reading

Report Of The PMV Study Committee On The Role Of Women In The Church

The Report of the Presbytery of the Mississippi Valley on the role of women in the church.

In light of the recommendations adopted by the Forty-Fifth General Assembly of the PCA and the comments above, we offer the following recommendations for the encouragement and edification of the Presbytery of Mississippi Valley and all the men and women of its many congregations.   Read the whole Report here. INTRODUCTION The Presbytery of Mississippi... Continue Reading

GA Moderator Announces Members of Ad Interim Committee on Sexuality

The study committee is to “study the topic of human sexuality with particular attention to the issues of homosexuality, same-sex attraction, and transgenderism.”

“It’s an honor to appoint such wise, learned and experienced brothers to such a committee,” Donahoe said. “While each man’s views undoubtedly vary to some degree, I’m confident this committee will be unified and will help provide guidance and leadership on the issues—both in the PCA and more-broadly.”   Howie Donahoe, moderator of the 47th... Continue Reading

Actions Of The Forty-Seventh General Assembly Of The Presbyterian Church In America

The Stated Clerk’s report of the 47th PCA General Assembly that met in Dallas June 25-28, 2019.

The Forty-seventh General Assembly of the PCA met in Dallas, Texas, in shortened format, convening Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. and adjourning Friday before noon. A total of 1,616 commissioners (1209 Teaching Elders and 407 Ruling Elders) registered, representing 827 churches from all 88 presbyteries. The theme of the Assembly, hosted by North Texas Presbytery, was... Continue Reading

“Such Were Some of You” and How We Use Scripture

Interacting with the use of 1 Corinthians 6:11a within the debate at the 2019 PCA General Assembly.

Five points can be stated from this passage. First, Paul is not talking about people who are tempted to these sins, but those who are identified by these sins because they practice these sins. Second, the church is to remove those who are identified by their practice of such sins from their midst. Third, the... Continue Reading

The PCA And Liberalism: A Warning From Our History

A plea to confessionalists in the PCA to remember our history and to learn from the process mistakes our forebearers made in church courts.

The conservatives had given them a foot-hold by essentially adding extra-confessional requirements for ordination, which enabled the signers of the affirmation to get away with the egregious aspects of the affirmation which affirmed the Five Fundamentals as truths, but as truths open to various broad interpretations. In the end there was no discipline. The conservatives,... Continue Reading