Commentary on the PCA General Assembly 2012

Floor debate over the past few years has become confusing

There were 10,067 professions of faith in this past year. The membership of the PCA increased by 4,176 individuals to 350,990. The number of family units in the PCA saw an increase of 245 to 137,508

PCUSA GA – What’s happening on the floor, Part 2

Links to some great stories that won't make the front page

1. Rabbi warns of problems with divestment; 2. No Discussion allowed on why Vice Moderator resigned; 3. Non-geographic Presbyteries - NO; Get rid of Synods - STUDY IT; 4. Details about schools/seminaries.

First They Came For…Then They Came For…

It is not homosexuals, but Bible believing Christians who are facing increasing discrimination in society

We evangelicals are currently going through the process of demonization, the fact that evangelicals as a group are the most charitable people on earth, or that they have created the freest and most tolerant societies is being conveniently forgotten, and the myth of the ignorant, ranting, gay basher is being spread far and wide. The... Continue Reading

At the PCUSA GA: Vice Moderator Resigns Post Amidst ‘Undercurrent Of Pernicious Poison’

Amidst an environment described as "poisonous," the Rev. Tara Spuhler McCabe resigned the second highest office in the denomination a mere 36 hours after being elected

Spuhler McCabe believed that as a pastor in the PCUSA, she embodied a reality faced by what she described as “a growing number of pastors who find ourselves caught between the desire to stand with couples in sacred moments and having a polity that restricts us from living out our calling.” PITTSBURGH, Pa – Amidst... Continue Reading

At the PCUSA GA: Committee Approves Change in Definition of Marriage, Authoritative Interpretation Fails

The Committee on Civil Unions and Marriage voted to propose an amendment to change all references in the Directory of Worship to marriage being between “a man and a woman” to “two people.”

A YAAD from the Presbytery of Alaska, spoke from his heart. “As much as it pains me to say it, from what I read in the Bible and Paul’s letters, as confusing as this is, as much as I don’t like to believe it, I believe the practice of homosexuality is a sin. I don’t... Continue Reading

Observations of a (PCA) GA Noob*

Governing the church is part and parcel of the mission

For those of you who don’t know, every year, presbyteries, sessions, and even individual church members can take the opportunity to send requests — called “overtures” — to the General Assembly. Before those requests make it to the floor for the consideration of the full Assembly, they are first referred to a committee, where they’re debated and voted upon at that level.

If You Love That Flag, Don’t Put It in the Sanctuary

Time to rethink the difference between worship and 'National Holidays'

However much the history of that nation has contributed to our freedom to worship God, the fact remains that God is God, and the nation to which the flag points is not. And when it comes to worship, there are only two realities: God, and everything else. In worship, only God counts.

What They See When They Come to Your Church

When a guest has a good experience, he or she is more likely to return.

First time guests desire to find a place to sit as quickly as possible. They feel awkward otherwise. Is your worship center more than 80 percent full? If so, the guests perceive it is completely full. Are your members trained to move to the middle of pews or seat rows so guests don't have to climb over them? Are their ushers or greeters available to lead guests to seats?


Has the NAE become an unbiblical voice to evangelicals?

The NAE states that its mission "is to honor God by connecting and representing evangelical Christians," but how does it honor God to promote the anti-biblical doctrines of the National Campaign?

Taking (back) away the Bible

Homosexual Episcopal bishop assures GLBT audience at PCUSA GA they 'are pleasing to God'

He said that the lame man knew in his heart that he had always belonged in the temple. Peter removed the impediment that prevented him from entering the place where he belonged. Filtering his interpretation through a GLBT entitlement lens Robinson suggested that GLBTs have always deserved full participation and leadership positions in the church