Five confessions of a failed church planter

[I] raised money, developed a killer logo; even my wife was onboard! How could I fail?

That took place just over 6 years ago. Sure, there were tons of things that happened along the way which could be blamed for my failure...yada, yada, yada. Yet, after much reflection, evaluation--and ultimately repentance--I realized that I am to blame. I confess: I am responsible.

A Cure For Pastor Burnout

A cure for pastor burnout is to effectively equip more ministers!

Do you change the oil in your car, mini-van, Porsche… or Maserati? I still change the oil in my 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager and my 2003 Dodge Ram Van. I guess that there’s so little that I feel capable to do on the vans that changing the oil is something I can do to save a little money.

PCA’S Fellowship Presbytery Adopts Position on Adam and Eve

Action result of dealing with book written by Covenant Seminary professor, C. John Collins

Collins also said that he included perspectives that he doesn’t agree with and that presenting his own viewpoint wasn’t the book’s goal. “I describe views that I don’t hold and try to help people figure out boundaries.”

Veggie Tales, Moralism, and Modern Preaching

The gospel is the foundation for moral imperatives, the context for moral imperatives, and the backdrop for moral imperatives.

If we feel obligated to preach only Christ’s priestly office, then we must find a way to turn every text to this issue even when it may not naturally go there. Thus, we “find” Christ in the text in an unnatural way rather than a natural way. This ends up creating sermons that sound almost the same every time, regardless of what the passage actually says

Baptist college to open in New England

Northeastern Baptist College to open in August 2013 in Bennington, VT

In addition to classroom time…students will gain practical ministry experience by serving in churches alongside area pastors or in the K-12 Christian school that is housed in the same building as the college. "One of the things every church planter in New England that I know of is starving for is more help. Practical experience is good for the student, but in New England, it's critical for the churches."

Verdict Reversal Requested in Florida SBC Church Planting Case

Jury gave 'inconsistent' findings; Pastor not an employee, but denomination guilty

Fernandez compared the voluntary relationship churches and pastors have with the Florida Baptist Convention to that of lawyers' required membership in the Florida Bar. In contrast to Baptist pastors and their relationship to the convention, attorneys are required to be members of the bar, which stipulates its members must attain and maintain certain educational standards, are licensed and can have their license removed. Nevertheless, the Florida Bar cannot be sued if one of its members violates the law.

In Celebration of the Memorial of Charles Spurgeon’s Birthday

Glimpses from the Life of Charles Spurgeon Concerning Parenting and Family Worship

Charles Haddon Spurgeon: Born June 19, 1834. Died January 31, 1892. Our objective is to distill some principles from his life that will help us in our homes. What can we learn from Spurgeon’s upbringing? What discoveries can be made as we consider how he and his wife Susannah brought up their children? Can we learn from how Spurgeon interacted with all children? Are there principles that we might employ that will bring sweetness to our own families? I believe that there are.

Are you going to Louisville? If so, we need some help.

The Aquila Report will be short one full time staff member at the PCA General Assembly

If you see or hear something that is newsworthy (e.g., not simply a rumor, no matter how hot it is) send an email and/or text to [email protected] That would certainly be quicker and easier than trying to find Dominic Aquila at any given time!!

Are Father’s Day Events at Churches a Waste of Time?

39 percent of men have not attended church in the last six months, up 9% in decade

Many fathers, she says, are looking for something special to do on Father's Day, and are less likely to attend a normal church service. Having a special event, however, gives them a break from the routine and can be a great way to draw them in.

God Can Repair Broken Daddies: A Father’s Day Message

Your parents are not perfect. And you cannot use their sins to disguise your own

Father's Day is a day to remember that God made dads. And when they break, and they can and often do, only He can fix them.