Are You a Contender?

Like brave mothers who snatch their children from a cougar’s jaws, our fight to defend is compelled by love.

We fight, first, because we love the truth, and second, because we love people and want to save them from certain death. We fight to “save others by snatching them out of the fire” of God’s judgment against unbelief and apostasy. We defend the truth as an act of mercy toward “those who doubt” (Jude 22-23).  ... Continue Reading

A Better Country For Mom

One day mom won’t laugh with me here. But she won’t weep there, in that better country.

Canada is a better country than Ghana, but mom couldn’t imagine she would suffer so much in a better country. But there is a country better than Canada. There is a country better than every country in this world. There, mom won’t suffer anymore. I don’t want to think about mom not being here. But... Continue Reading

How to Understand the Jordan Peterson Phenomenon

Peterson has stolen the song about order and meaning we Christians use to sing so well. It’s time we steal it back.

So many evangelicals are fascinated and concerned about Peterson because he  exemplifies the kind of popular thought leader our movement has not produced since Schaeffer. Personality alone, though, cannot fully explain the popularity of Peterson. His appeal is due largely to his ability to deliver an inspiring, albeit pseudo-Christian, counter-cultural message for an anxious age.... Continue Reading

Keeping the Sabbath Saved My Marriage, My Ministry, and Probably My Life

I used to think resting from work was selfish, until I considered the example of Jesus.

I had been working tirelessly only to let one more person down. I could not go on like I had been. By the sovereign grace of God, I had been reading a book by pastor and theologian Eugene Peterson. Through reading the book, I discovered something I had completely ignored in 10 years of Bible... Continue Reading

Being Apologetic About Jordan Peterson

What in the world are we to do with the likes of Jordan Peterson?

For the uninitiated, Peterson is a Canadian secular depth psychologist who has been making waves over the last few months for his controversial yet articulate stands on social issues, witty advice, and ability to command any room into which he walks (David Robertson provides a good introduction). Peterson appeals mainly to the growing masses of disaffected young men who... Continue Reading

10 Things You Should Know about Church Membership

What do you want from your local church?

So, why covenant membership? It isn’t because we want to be like some other church, or even because we want to be unlike someone else. It is because we want to be biblical. It is because this world wants to sell you a bill of goods and to shape you in its image.   Membership... Continue Reading

The Gods And Debaters Of “This Age” Die

What is the difference between Moses and Paul on the one hand and the Egyptians, the Greeks, and Hawking on the other?

Moses and Paul knew the difference between passing theories, which Hawking himself revised and that shall be revised again and the truth as it is in Christ. Moses and Paul engaged the theories and philosophers of their day. After all, they were aware of what had been theorized by the various philosophers and scientists of... Continue Reading

Sanctification Through Song

Singing God’s songs does real, noticeable good.

And, of course, the songs themselves — as I have sung them — have gotten into my bones, and they have generated a longing to return to them over and over again. I have not only been sanctified to sing, but sanctified through song. I still don’t sing well-  I won’t get tapped for choir... Continue Reading

A Functional Imperfect Perfectionism?

In this life we will be far from what we long to be and that which Christ will ultimately and instantaneously make us in glory

The idea that “men demand immediate, tangible results” is also observable in our day by a consideration of the many efforts to rid society of particular injustices. Where there are noble calls to end gun violence, abuse, political corruption, sexual deviancy, racial inequality, abortion, etc., men can unconsciously convince themselves that a complete purgation of... Continue Reading

Why You Need To Be in Church This Sunday

We’ve all but turned worship into the living room experience, complete with coffee, large television screens, couch-like seating, and a pastor who barely got out of his pajamas.

Our low view of the Sunday gathering as pastors has resulted in the church being an optional assembly. If people can get their church experience at home on the couch, there’s no reason for them to drive anywhere. When we strip worship of its weird beauty (the beauty of the Sacraments, preaching, liturgy, mystery), we’re... Continue Reading