What is one overlooked, but important reason a pastor should appreciate his wife?

Her selfless service is her ministry so you can do your ministry

Pastors, do something this week to remind your wife how thankful you are for her in all these unseen, overlooked labors of love she does to serve you. Remember all those Sundays she stayed home with sick kids so you could preach and be grateful. That is her ministry so you can do your ministry.... Continue Reading

Russell Moore: Why adoption is a ‘pro-life’ policy for evangelicals

An interview with Dr. Moore on why adoption is part of pro-life values

Adoption and orphan care and foster care are not a covert means of evangelism any more than Christians having babies is a form of reproductive evangelism. It’s simply Christians love children, and part of what it means to love children is to share the gospel. Russell Moore, dean of the School of Theology at Southern... Continue Reading

Doubt-Killing Promises

How God's promises speak to the struggle against despair, doubt, and depression

Spurgeon’s depression could be so debilitating that he could “weep by the hour like a child”—and not know why he was weeping. To fight this “causeless depression,” he said, was like fighting mist. It was a “shapeless, undefinable, yet all-beclouding hopelessness.” Even though Charles Spurgeon lived about two hundred years after John Bunyan, I think... Continue Reading

Reading the Bible in Chunks

A plan to read whole books at one sitting

First, many of the books of the Bible are stories. They are meant to be read as stories, and you understand them better if you read them that way. Others, such as Paul’s letters, are not stories, but if you read one of them in one sitting, you get a good sense of the overall... Continue Reading

Marital Warfare

Our marriages are under attack

The longer I travel the marital road, the more I agree with John Eldredge, who in his book Love and War writes that we are foolish if we do not understand that we are engaged in fierce spiritual warfare when it comes to our marriages. Someone, apparently, doesn’t want our marriages to survive. Guess who... Continue Reading

MTW Missionary, Cindie Pike, Dies in Ukraine After a Fall

She served with MTW in Ukraine for over 14 years

Mel: “She is now in Heaven. I’m sorry for this horrible news. She fell yesterday and her artificial knee twisted and cut a vein. She simply lost too much blood to recover. Please pray for me, three kids and two grand kids and a huge extended family.”   Cindie Pike, serving with her husband Teaching... Continue Reading

I Remember Harriet Deison

Reflections on the life and tragic death of the wife of TE Peter Deison

It has been said, time and time again, that suicide is the only sin God can’t forgive, that if you are dead you can’t ask forgiveness, but now I know my Lord and Savior is bigger than that. There are so many things we will never quite understand but, in heaven, we will finally know.... Continue Reading

Top Fifty Stories of 2012 on The Aquila Report, Part 5

Numbers 1 through 10

Again this year we are featuring a summary of the top 50 stories. We are breaking the list into 5 parts, 10 a day; starting from the bottom and going up with 10 through 1 Number 10 Seven PCA Ministers from Metro New York Presbytery Transfer to the EPC Ministry views more in accord with... Continue Reading

Make a Fresh Covenant with Me: We Will Finish in Faith

John Piper on stepping down from leadership and looking toward the future

Here is what I am preaching to myself, and to you too, if you want to listen in: Long, effective ministries and lives can end very badly. Don’t let it happen. Finish in faith. Treat this year-end like the end of your life. Then be ecstatic that you get to start a new life tomorrow.... Continue Reading

Dear Worship Pastor: It’s Not About You

When leading worship, please don't leave the congregation behind

I enjoy praise and worship. I really do. And I appreciate the enormous effort and the talent that goes into excellent worship leadership. I hesitate to admit the following, because it seems like someone with a theology doctorate ought to be motivated by more cerebral concerns, but a significant (major but not main) part of... Continue Reading