The Agency……Central……Computers……Cases……SPYS!

I pastor a church filled with people in the Intelligence Community. When it comes to what exactly they do, I don’t ask and they don’t tell. Why? Because then they’d have to kill me.

Your Father’s Crime?

Are you comfortable claiming a freedom that sentences the child to die for the father's crime? I'm not.

Imagine this: your father commits a heinous crime. As hard as it is to think about, you know the evidence is conclusive. He willfully and deliberately stalked a woman he did not know. He picked her at random, followed her, and then he brutally raped her. Or imagine something worse. He committed an even worse... Continue Reading

Let Pastors be Pastors

Pastoral ministry as God describes it may not seem particularly relevant or cutting edge

There are men entering the pastorate because they have great gifts for making things happen and great passion for changing their communities, but they should not be pastors because they cannot teach and have little patience for loving an actual congregation. I’m not at all convinced that our pastors are prepared to preach good sermons and shepherd a congregation.

Can I be a Christian and a Divorce Lawyer?

'Just' divorce laws seek to minimize harm to the innocent.

I would look at precisely what kind of divorce lawyer this Christian is. If he is an “ABC easy divorce for $125″ advertisement sort of lawyer, who is seeking to entice people into divorcing for his financial gain, then, yes, that’s unjust and outside of what it means to follow Christ. But I wouldn’t assume that’s the case.

Sovereign Grace Ministries Releases Updated Statement

Re: A Civil Lawsuit Filed Against Sovereign Grace Ministries Oct. 17 in Maryland’s Montgomery County Circuit Court

Statement by Tommy Hill, Sovereign Grace Ministries Director of Administration Though not yet served, Sovereign Grace Ministries (SGM) leadership has obtained a copy of the civil lawsuit filed last week against SGM and several pastors of its associational churches.

Inaugural B. B. Warfield Lectures scheduled for Columbia, SC

Co-Sponsored by First Presbyterian Church and Erskine Theological Seminary (Columbia Campus)

Dr. Sinclair Ferguson, Senior Minister at First Presbyterian Church of Columbia issued the following letter of invitation to the lectures that will be held on November 2nd and 3rd on the church campus.

Is There a Christian Position on Election 2012? (Part 2): Evangelicals and the Politics of Identity

Is there a Christian position on the 2012 election?

What are the implications of all this for the 2012 election?  These complexities suggest that it is impractical to apply confessional criteria to political candidates.  As is often pointed out, we are electing a President, not a national pastor.  Ultimately, the decision for whom to vote should be made on other grounds, and the “Christian... Continue Reading

Your Guide to Christian Voting Guides

Which flyer should you take with you into the voting booth?

With days left before Election Day, it is time to figure out how you will vote. Voter guides are one way that political groups can help you with this decision. Some are very informative. Most are not. All of them are biased, some more so than others. Here is a run-down of voter guides aimed... Continue Reading

Study: When Americans Think Abortion Should Be Legal

American attitudes about abortion are rarely as simple as “pro-life” or “pro-choice”

In direct contrast to common assumptions, not all evangelicals and political conservatives believe abortion should be outlawed in every situation, and many political liberals do not want abortion to be available on demand.  A new study from Grey Matter Research shows just how complex the abortion issue really is in a nation where the labels... Continue Reading

“More Light, Lord!”

Would it bother you to be without your Bible? Could you preach without it? Live without it? Worship without it?

Underestimated light. Nothing compares to the Word of God for true illumination. The faint gleams of natural revelation and human reason are light, to be sure, but they are distant candles to the present white light of God’s holy Word. And yet how ready we are to wander around in the gloom, imagining that we... Continue Reading