Media At War

Two unreported or underreported aspects of the Todd Akin/rape controversy

A rape is a criminal and evil violation of a woman’s body...She certainly doesn’t need the added, huge burden of complicity in a brutal attack on an unborn child. The child is innocent. So many women who have had abortions, even under such grievous circumstances, have regretted them later.

Engage 2025: EPC looks to spread Gospel to Muslim nations

According to a Pew Foundation report, Muslims total 1.7 billion of the world’s population.

EPC leaders say the vision of the program is to see each of its 11 presbyteries build partnerships of five to eight churches that will launch church-planting teams that can in turn establish enough churches to form presbyteries in Muslim nations.

GOP Senate candidate from Missouri comes under fire for his remarks on rape and abortion

An article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch after deadline to withdraw indicates Akin remains in the race

The congressman—who earned a Masters of Divinity from Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis in 1984—has also served as a board member of the Missouri Right to Life…The announcement identified Akin as a ruling elder at Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church (Presbyterian Church in America) in Ballwin, Mo. (Ed. Note: He is not currently an active elder.)

Don’t Settle for Your Mediocre Preaching

The problem is that we have lost our awe!

We cannot blame our job descriptions or busyness. We cannot point the finger at the unexpected things that show up on the schedule of every pastor. We cannot blame the demands of family. We have to humbly confess our preaching is mediocre, not rising to the standard to which we have been called. The problem is us.

Will Postmoderns Support the Church?

If younger adults were more aware of the fiscal realities facing the church, could they be persuaded to share more of the costs?

Think that’s scary? I recently talked to an active member in one of North Carolina’s most active, stalwart, healthy Baptist churches. An internal study there showed that 73 percent of the church budget was contributed by members who are 70 years old and up.  And funerals are conducted on a regular basis.   People who... Continue Reading

Two Women, Two Legacies

Reflections on the passing of Helen Gurley Brown and Nellie Gray

“For Nellie, the horror was that a single human life had been intentionally taken. That was the point at which government transgressed its proper authority. That was the evil that had to be stopped.”

Negotiating Coffee Time: Introverts at Church

In other words, extroverts need to listen, and introverts need to speak up.

I’m not a great fan of shaking hands across the pews at the beginning of a service or acting out motions for children’s songs. My personal version of liturgical dance is limited to standing up and sitting down. I’m glad, however, when a service pushes me out of my introvert’s worship comfort zone.

Love Your Neighbor. Get Your Vaccines.

How getting routine shots benefits not just you but your entire community.

I’m concerned that so many people seem willing to let others carry the supposed burden of vaccination so that they don’t have to. To me, that’s a failure of the commandment to love our neighbors: our infant neighbors, our elderly neighbors, and our immune-compromised neighbors. That’s a disease of the soul for which the only treatment is love—best shown in the God who became man to bear our infirmities in his own body.

Should Pastors Be Guaranteed Job Security?

Observers weigh in.

"Clearly the congregation needs to be able to get to know its pastor, but setting a specific time limit is like a fixed-term presidency: It could impact the way the pastor behaves just to massage his popularity numbers when the key vote comes down in three or four years' time." Carl Trueman, professor, Westminster Theological Seminary

What Todd Akin Should Have Said About Abortion and Rape

"As disturbing as Akin’s remarks are, I am concerned about the conflation of issues that suddenly appeared in the aftermath"

The media circus moved quickly from discussion of Akin’s remarks to a wider discussion about the legitimacy of abortion in a tough case. And some “pro-life” politicians took the bait, not only condemning Akin’s unfortunate remarks but also declaring their support for abortion in this particular case.  Let me be clear: Allowing abortion in the... Continue Reading