‘Love Wins’ Raised Hell for Rob Bell at Mars Hill, The New Yorker says

Fallout from Rob Bell’s bestselling “Love Wins” book pushed him to leave the megachurch he founded

The article states that Bell’s controversial book about the existence of hell “put pressure on the people around Bell, who found themselves having to defend statements they might never have heard, let alone approved.” It quotes Bell’s wife, Kristen, saying that she stayed away from Mars Hill some weeks after the book was published because she... Continue Reading

Primary School Teachers ‘Could Face Sack’ For Refusing to Promote Gay Marriage

A British education minister refuses to rule out possibility that teachers, even in faith schools, could face disciplinary action for refusing to promote gay marriage

One scenario he looked at was what would happen if a primary school asked a Christian teacher to use a book called King & King, a story of a prince who marries a man, and produce a play based on the tale. Mr O’Neill concluded: “If the teacher refused to obey the otherwise lawful instructions... Continue Reading

Teaching the Bible, Closing the Education Gap

Researcher highlights link between strong faith and academic achievement among minorities

After combing through more than 1,000 studies on the achievement gap, researcher William Jeynes discovered two common denominators for academic success among minority students-an active personal faith and a strong family unit. Because of the importance faith plays in minority communities, taking the Bible out of the classroom actually makes it harder for minority students... Continue Reading

Thank God that Christians Are Not Totally Depraved

A response to Tullian Tchividjian on Total Depravity

When it comes to sanctification, then, the logical implication of Tchividjian’s reasoning is this: why should I exert any effort towards holiness since I am still totally depraved? For this reason, Tchividjian’s formula, commendably designed to exalt God’s grace, actually denigrates the grace of God in regeneration by leaving sinners in their totally depraved condition.... Continue Reading

Sweden’s Gender-Bending Christmas

“Gender neutral” toys are depicted in the Christmas catalog with boys holding baby dolls and girls brandishing toy guns

The company was reprimanded three years ago following complaints over “outdated gender roles” in its 2008 Christmas catalog, namely that boys were dressed as superheroes and girls as princesses. This year, the company has made noticeable changes to its Swedish catalog as compared to its Danish equivalent.     AFP is reporting that Sweden’s largest toy... Continue Reading

Report on ‘Confident Christianity’ Solas conference

'Out of the Silent Church' Theme of Third Annual Conference

Peter Saunders spoke on ‘Confidence in Christian Ethics’, outlining the hostility of the new atheism to Christianity and the moral ills that have resulted from the replacement of the biblical moral code with the values of personal peace and affluence, as Francis Schaeffer foresaw.       Solas – Centre for Public Christianity is an... Continue Reading

Purity After Impurity

The consequences of sin are sometimes painful, but the recognition of that pain helps protect you from perpetuating a sinful lifestyle

It’s easy to think that a real Christian man wouldn’t settle for a “tainted” woman, that he’ll only marry a woman who’s pure and perfect just like him. On the contrary, a man who strives to be like Christ will love and treasure you despite your past. A man who strives to be like Christ... Continue Reading

Liberty University Gets Another Chance at Obamacare

Liberty, one of the largest Christian colleges in the country, filed the first private lawsuit against Obamacare in 2010

The U.S. Supreme Court on Nov. 26 gave Liberty University another chance to challenge the individual and employer health insurance mandates that serve as the foundation for Obamacare.       Earlier this year, the justices declined to hear all pending challenges to the healthcare reform law after they upheld its constitutionality in June. But... Continue Reading

Bankrupt State University

When the whole college loan industry collapses, people will actually have to pay for school as they go

For all of these reasons, the public universities will eventually go bankrupt. And that is good news for a nation that is going morally bankrupt in the shadow of the ivory tower. They had a good thing going but the party is close to being over. The hangover will soon begin.     Many of... Continue Reading

Words to Help Prepare Us to Celebrate Advent

Despite all the darkness of our world, that “Light of life” still shines

Christians are not blind or deaf or insensible to misery.  There is much brokenness in this world. It deeply touches Christians too.  But, we still make a radical declaration: “It is possible to believe that a sovereign God somehow filters all of these evils through his loving and just hands – his nail pierced hands.... Continue Reading