Proof of Heaven

Neurosurgeon now convinced there is an afterlife after spending seven days in a coma

Alexander emphasizes that he is still a neurosurgeon and a man of science, but he has been fundamentally changed. His life goal is now to help explain a new picture of reality which will show that the universe is “evolving, multi-dimensional, and completely known by a God who cares for us … deeply and fiercely.”... Continue Reading

Propaganda: Giving the Puritans a Bad Rap

A rap song by Propaganda has caught the attention of a number of Christians in the blogosphere

Propaganda promotes the gospel of Christ in other raps, and says that he has learned a lot from reading the Puritans. But his rap song forcefully portrays them as deeply flawed men, profoundly guilty for their participation in the Atlantic slave trade and slave economy.     A new rap song by Propaganda has caught... Continue Reading

Who Has Been Left Behind?

Do not all people need the Gospel--black, white, rich, poor, young, old?

A robust doctrine of the church (ecclesiology) must include a robust demographic. It must include people from every tribe, tongue, nation, and family. If not, we should make every effort that it does. This means that alongside church planting and college ministry, we need to have equal emphasis upon church revitalization and renewal.

Pain, suffering, and truth

Think of the pain we’d have to endure if Christ hadn’t endured it for us

God uses the afflictions of the faithful to silence His enemies. Pain and suffering give us an opportunity to share the gospel and to bear witness to God’s grace and mercy even through adversity. Pain and suffering make us more dependent on God, bring us closer to God, and make us long for heaven.

Electronic delusion

Teenagers who spend too much time online never really learn about themselves

Adolescence is a time of self-questioning and self-testing, looking outside your immediate sphere for clues about the person you really are. Teens shape their identity the same way babies learn to talk and preschoolers learn proper behavior: They interact with others and respond to feedback, both positive and negative. They encounter their limits.

Reaching the boomer ‘base’ — and beyond

Today only 18 percent of Millennials (those age 30 and under) attend church weekly

American churches are dealing with a challenge similar to the dilemma faced by the major political parties: How do you keep your "base" involved while appealing to a broader range of new, preferably younger, people?

The Gospel in the Gospels: A Conversation with Jonathan Pennington

Author of 'Reading the Gospels Wisely; A Narrative and Theological Introduction

I’m not sure exactly to whom you are referring with the phrase “the gospel-centered camp” but if you mean the likes of Tim Keller, Bryan Chapell, and Tullian Tchividjian then I would gladly take on that label as well. I am radically centered on the freeing and transforming grace of God in the gospel and am hesitant about much of evangelical pietism. Moralism is not the gospel and I think Jesus focuses on this message very much.

When the State makes the Church do things its way

(Un)reformed discipline and worship

In each case the Reformed pastors advocated a particular practice on the basis of Scripture and Reformed theology, and in each case the magistrates prohibited that practice for its own reasons. Yet in each case the most conservative Reformed churches today follow the practice once dictated by the magistrates rather than that defended on the basis of Scripture

Women in the Workplace: “Simply Supplementing”

There is an underlying current in some circles that has an overly romantic view of how things used to be.

How exactly should businesses go about determining if woman is working to “simply supplement” her husband’s income or working because without her income there wouldn’t be food on the table or a roof over their heads or clothes on their backs?

D’Souza and World magazine: What does scripture say about reporting on sex?

Many traditional Christian organizations would consider it “highly irregular and often forbidden” to travel with someone of the opposite sex who is not your spouse.

D’Souza said in a statement that he “had no idea it is considered wrong in Christian circles to be engaged prior to being divorced,” but this raises the question: What if he was not sharing a room with her, would any apparently romantic contact be considered alright?