Why the Reformation Still Matters

Clearly, those first Reformers didn’t think they were picking a juvenile fight; as they saw it, they had discovered glad tidings of great joy.

At the beginning of the sixteenth century, Europe had been without a Bible the people could read for something like a thousand years. Thomas Bilney had thus never encountered the words “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners” (1 Tim. 1:15). Instead of the Word of God, they were left to the understanding... Continue Reading

Presbyterian Church in Ireland Elder Fears ‘Witch Hunt’ Against Gay Members

An ordained Presbyterian Church in Ireland elder, forced, from his role because of his same-sex marriage, fears a “witch hunt” against other gay members after church authorities dismissed his appeal.

In a statement the Presbyterian Church [in] Ireland] said it “had the right to order its own affairs under the Word of God, our supreme standard, and guided by our confessional subordinate standards. A consequence of this is that those in ordained leadership within our church are required to subscribe to the church’s subordinate standards... Continue Reading

3 Spiritual Benefits of Singing in Church

I’ve come to treasure, so deeply, the way our singing together burrowed God’s truth into the deepest recesses of my heart.

Those words I sang as a seven-year old on a hot summer night in Chicago or around campfires in northern Minnesota or in Vacation Bible school now speak to me, every day. In fact, I can hardly finish singing a hymn without my lips quivering and my heart full of emotion. When I hear “Jesus... Continue Reading

A Heavenly Appetizer

Jesus commanded His disciples to "do this in remembrance of me." But is that all it is?

More than just remembering Christ, we are actually communing with Him by His Spirit. “Our memories of Christ are no substitute for his living presence,” Marcus Johnson writes. “Our recollections of Christ’s death, as meaningful and enriching as they are, cannot replace our very participation in the One who was crucified.” [1]   Many Christians today hold... Continue Reading

“Casting Sins Away”

The assurance that our guilt is gone and that there is “now no condemnation” for a lifetime of sinful rebellion and unbelief does not come by throwing bread crumbs into a pond.

The water in a pond or lake or river cannot wash our consciences clean of the guilt of sin. No ritual performed, no matter how sincerely or passionately pursued, can redeem us from the curse of sin and the judgment that it has incurred. This alone is found by faith in Jesus Christ and the... Continue Reading

Women of the Reformation: Jane Grey

Though she had royal connections and heritage, sixteen-year-old Jane had not anticipated becoming queen.

Jane was brought to the royal quarters of the Tower of London with great pomp as she reluctantly accepted the crown. However, Mary refused to recognize the change in the succession made by Edward and the Privy Council, and she gathered forces in opposition to Jane. Within nine days, support for Jane collapsed, and Mary... Continue Reading

An Assault upon Complementarianism Is an Assault upon the Bride of Christ

Controversy has arisen within evangelical circles as social justicians are suggesting that the answer is activism, deconstruction of power structures, and a redefining of key doctrines like complementarainism.

At this juncture, we need clear definitions and we need to be sure that throughout this controversy within evangelicalism that we’re working from the same dictionary. It serves little purpose to have an honest conversation without working from the same set of terms.   One of the great tragedies of our day has been parade... Continue Reading

Jonathan Edwards’ Organizational Genius

Let me briefly share three ways that I have purposefully imported Edwards’ own practices of personal discipline and organization into my own.

Edwards (1703–1758) was a local church pastor, which happens to be the same vocation that I share. As I began to research his numerous written works and treatises, I became increasingly aware of his incredible personal and professional organizational skills. With meetings, projects, sermons, lectures, and Bible studies always coming due, most pastors can stand... Continue Reading

What Is Wrong With The Theology Of Glory ? (2)

The theologian of glory offers to God’s people what, by nature, they are prone to want.

I suppose all people groups have been given to rationalism, moralism, and triumphalism, but these three qualities describe Modern American religion very well. Look at the “successful” churches. Consider that I just used the adjective “successful” to describe a church. Jesus said, “take up your instrument of social marginalization, ritual public humiliation, and death and... Continue Reading

An Archbishop’s Address to the Synod of the Diocese of Sydney On Trends In the Church

An excerpt from the Presidential Address to the 51st Synod of the Diocese of Sydney by Archbishop Glenn Davies on 14 October 2019.

Next year the General Synod will meet in a special session to confer on the issue of same-sex blessings and same-sex marriage…The General Synod must make a clear statement about the teaching of the Bible on the sanctity of sex within the marriage bond of a man and a woman, so that marriage is held... Continue Reading