Church Leaders: Ministry Is From God, But It Is Not God

When we make ministry our god, it asks more and more from us without ever satisfying us.

To be able to serve people in the name of Jesus is an incredible blessing. Christ has given you the gifts you have received. He has given you the passion you possess. To help others encounter the grace of Jesus is thrilling. To witness the Lord transforming people, restoring marriages, and commissioning people to live... Continue Reading

Lessons of Prayer—Both Positive and Negative

Be encouraged to pray and trust the Lord who not only hears the cries of his people but answers our prayers in accordance with his perfect will.

Apparently, as persecution was heating up against God’s people—the church gathered for prayer. They didn’t turn to social media for prayer nor did they just pray with a few random friends. They gathered as a church specifically for prayer (Acts 12:5, 12). It would do us well to notice that the church had gathered to... Continue Reading

‘Gay, but Celibate’

But time to be very wary…

By most accounts, the Catholic hierarchy has willingly trained and ordained priests who self-identify or are otherwise known as homosexual—all on the promise that they will be celibate. But those promises have been violated to such a degree that Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has called for the “eradication” of “homosexual networks” within the clergy that... Continue Reading

3 Characteristics of Leaders Who Lead Well During Seasons of Controversy

These characteristics are necessary for pastors in local churches and leaders of institutions, organizations, and denominations.

Will you be remembered as a leader who stood courageously to defend the truth or will you be remembered as a sleeping lion who refused to roar? Faithful leaders are willing to defend the truth because they recognize that something far greater than their platform is at risk. The souls of men, women, boys and... Continue Reading

Follow the Money

What sort of pastors (or churches) are we, when someone can use the language of market-based competition to describe partnership in the gospel, and think nothing of it?

Carl Trueman channels Marx, Freud and others to make the case that there is a tension between the catholicity of the Church, and the way in which seminaries—his immediate audience for the lecture—market themselves. And it struck me that many, if not all, of the points he raises are also applicable to churches, denominations and... Continue Reading

Cautious about Causation

Just because two things are co-related does not mean one is the cause of the other or that the link between the two is clear or necessary.

Of course, understanding our pasts can be useful in making sense of the present. But it’s a deterministic myth to think, “I had to turn out this way.” The fact of the matter is, there is no straight line whereby certain experiential inputs invariably lead to the same set of lifetime outputs.   In the social sciences,... Continue Reading

Why Is Love not a Mark of the Church?

Love and holiness flourish where the marks of the church are most evident.

How is love to others in the church shown? Certainly there are many, varied expressions of it, such as showing hospitality, speaking encouraging words, or visiting a brother or sister when they are ill or suffering. Yet in the church where the Lord Jesus Christ is head of the body, what are the primary, objective,... Continue Reading

Observations From A Former Roman Catholic Junior Seminarian on Celibate Homosexual Students and Priests

My concerns stem from my time as a member of the Roman Catholic Church from birth and my time in a Junior Seminary from thirteen to eighteen.

Most devastating of all was the culture of secrecy combined with a large population of like-minded and sexually oriented men, who worked against a culture of transparency and moral rigor. Instead, the internal culture facilitated an environment where pedophiles knew they wouldn’t be outed or called to account for their criminal behavior.   As an... Continue Reading

The Usurpation of Evangelicalism by Social Action Warriors

Reasons why the specific task of straight up, intentional evangelistic outreach and consequent discipling of believers has been slowly eroding in the western church.

The church is to disciple the nations, beginning with evangelism. The church is not the avenue for social justice or legislation of any kind. Yes, of course, the individual believer, as salt and light, is to serve the poor and needy, to seek reconciliation, and to labor for Biblical justice; but the individual believer is... Continue Reading

The Lord Hedges You In

Looking back, it was obvious that the Lord was keeping me for this ministry role and he placed me where he needed me.

It bears saying that the Lord knows what is required to get who he wants to where he wants them. I had applied for dozens of jobs, getting interviews for things I was clearly qualified for, but failed to get a single one of those jobs. That led us to follow my wife’s work for... Continue Reading