SBC Founders Ministries Church Planting Network

Founders Ministries is prayerfully pursuing the development of a church planting network that is confessional, baptistic, and missional. They are in the process of developing a database comprised of individuals and churches who: (1) Have planted a church in the last 10 years (2) Are currently in the process of planting a church, (3) Are... Continue Reading

Chinese Megachurch Demolished; Congregants Badly Beaten

A megachurch in eastern China was recently demolished by reportedly 400 people in police suits, a human rights group reported Tuesday. Before dawn last Sunday, the mob raided the “Good News Cloth Shoes Factory,” which also serves as the site for the FushanChurch. Men tore at the building’s foundation with shovels as bulldozers worked to... Continue Reading

Protestant Reformed Church Settles 2 year old Judicial Case

Protestant Reformed Church Settles 2 year old judicial case – requires all Ministers and Elders to send children to denomination-affiliated Christian schools. The 2009 General Synod of the Protestant Reformed Church was held at the Georgetown Protestant Reformed Church in Hudsonville in August. One of the most significant results was that final action was taken... Continue Reading

Amiable Impasse Between Roman Catholics and Evangelicals

Charitable Catholic/evangelical dialogue snags on imputation, authority. Former Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) president Francis Beckwith’s reversion to Rome in 2007 reignited perennial questions of how evangelicals should relate to Catholics. Namely, can a Roman Catholic credibly claim the evangelical label? Beckwith thinks so, and he has an ally in BeesonDivinitySchool dean Timothy George. Nevertheless, during... Continue Reading

Great News from Kansas EPC Church

Lighthouse Presbyterian Church, an Evangelical Presbyterian congregation in Paola, Kansas (about 40 minutes south of the KC Beltway) walked away from its property when they departed from the PCUSA to join the EPC in 2007. Now, just two years later, they have grown to the point that they have acquired 20 acres of land at an... Continue Reading

Rock Reaching Out

Rock Presbyterian Church of Greenwood, South Carolina – a congregation of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church – recently enjoyed two successful outreach ministry engagements in their community. The regional chamber of commerce hosted a “Super-Networking” night and Rock was there. Pastor Joe Johnson reported, “It was a great advertizing opportunity for the church and the EPC.... Continue Reading

AJC Condemns World Council of Churches Head’s Hypocritical Assault on Israel

AJC has condemned the World Council of Churches Secretary General, the Rev. Samuel Kobia, for his declaration that Israel’s “occupation” of Palestinian territories is “a sin against God.” “Rev. Kobia parrots the same hypocritical statements regarding Israel that the WCC regularly issues, ignoring the root causes of Israel’s presence in the West Bank,” said Rabbi... Continue Reading

73rd Bible Presbyterian Church Synod

The 73rd General Synod of the Bible Presbyterian Church met August 6-11, 2009, in the mountains of East Tennessee. The following resolution was made: RESOLUTION 73:04 – Islam Knows No Peace Contrary to modern political and religious propaganda, Islam is not a peaceable religion. Especially since the latter half of the 20th century when billions... Continue Reading

ARP Moderator Appoints Erskine College and Seminary Commission

Associate Reformed Presbyterian (ARP) 2009 Moderator of Synod, Dr. John Richard de Witt, has appointed the members of the Erskine College and Seminary Commission formed at the direction of the June 2009 ARP General Synod meeting. The commission members are: · John R. de Witt · William C. Marsh, pastor of ChristCommunityChurch in Greensboro, N.C.... Continue Reading

New Horizons: Facing Hard Times

By now word has probably reached most readers of this magazine that the worldwide economic downturn has impacted the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC). Reserves have dwindled for the Committee on Home Missions and Church Extension. Giving to Worldwide Outreach has picked up in recent months, but so much of that money is needed by the... Continue Reading