PCA Congregation Moves into a Restored Tampa Building

An English Gothic landmark Tampa (FL) church built in the 1920s has been resurrected as the first permanent home of Holy Trinity Presbyterian (PCA), ending a decade-long quest. The exterior of the impressive red-brick building is relatively unchanged, but improvements within give a fresh look to the 1927 structure. “It’s come a long way,” Pastor... Continue Reading

Millions March for Jesus in Brazil

Brazil’s main commercial center, Sao Paulo, came to a standstill on Thursday, when it became the site of the biggest annual Christian movement in the nation. The May 26th ‘March for Jesus’ brought together over two million people, who marched along a pre-planned, one-mile route beginning at 10 a.m. They started near the University of... Continue Reading

Cardinal joins Protestants in planting trees to mark Reformation

A top Vatican official has joined other global Christian leaders in the eastern German town where Martin Luther broke with the papacy, at a tree-planting ceremony that looks to closer ties on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017. The ceremony took place in Wittenberg, the German town known as “Lutherstadt”, 492 years after... Continue Reading

Archbishop of Canterbury and Pope to Meet Nov. 21

Pope Benedict XVI will meet with the leader of the Church of England, next month in his first encounter since the Catholic Church moved to make it easier for disenchanted Anglicans to convert to Catholicism, a Vatican spokesman said Friday. Archbishop Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, was already due to visit Rome in November... Continue Reading

Worship Hits the Big Screen

Nearly 27,000 people attend LifeChurch.tv’s 13 locations, known as campuses, scattered from Arizona to New York. Headquartered in Edmond, Okla., LifeChurch.tv is the second-largest Protestant church in the United States, according to Outreach magazine. It’s also one of 2,000 multisite congregations that use satellite technology to unite worshippers meeting in different locations. Welcome to LifeChurch.tv... Continue Reading

Virginia Beach Church Calls 3rd Pastor in 35 Years.

In a day and age when short to medium length pastorates are mostly the norm, the New Covenant Presbyterian Church has issued a call to just their third pastor since organizing as one of the Presbyterian Church in America’s earliest church plants. TE Jeff Elliott, Associate Pastor at the Pear Orchard Presbyterian Church in Ridgeland... Continue Reading

Three California PCUSA Congregations Retain Property, Move to EPC

By Ron Orozco Three (Fresno) Valley Presbyterian churches have finalized their divorce from the nation’s largest Presbyterian denomination, citing differences over the Bible’s supreme authority and the possible ordination of gays. But unlike the split within the Valley’s Episcopal diocese, which turned into a bitter court fight, the three congregations are leaving on friendly terms.... Continue Reading

The Future of the Southern Baptist Convention

Future of SBC is hopeful if Great Commission remains central and key questions are addressed, SBC leaders say Southern Baptists today have much to be thankful for and build upon from their forebears, but must consider structural changes to the Southern Baptist Convention and embrace methodological diversity within the denomination, speakers said at Union University’s... Continue Reading

Proposed Overture on ‘Deaconess’ to the 38th PCA General Assembly

Amend Book if Church Order 9-7 by adding, “These assistants to the deacons shall not be referred to as deacons or deaconesses, nor are they to be elected by the congregation nor formally commissioned, ordained, or installed as though they were office bearers in the church.” 1. Whereas the PCA is grateful to God for... Continue Reading

Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth to Ordain First Woman to Priesthood

The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth was long known as one of the most conservative in the Episcopal Church, and one measure was the refusal by its bishops to ordain women to the priesthood. When a large majority of clergy and lay delegates of the diocese voted to follow Bishop Jack Iker’s recommendation and leave... Continue Reading