Love is Not a Feeling

We can look at the pathologies of the contemporary secular mind through a number of lenses.

False alternatives are standard fare in contemporary Christian approaches to political issues, where “love”—a code word for whatever the political piety du jour may be—is set in opposition to “dogma” or “doctrine”—code words for whatever piece of traditional Christian teaching is deemed to be inconsistent with said political piety. Therefore, the Georgetown Visitation incident is... Continue Reading

You Can’t Buy Jesus

Being the Church in a Consumer Culture

Like Walmart, we have designated greeters at the door. Like movie theaters, we invite people to enjoy concessions of coffee and a doughnut before they take their seats. Like theme parks and shopping malls, we direct people to information kiosks. Like nightclubs, we offer VIP parking for first-time visitors. There are even door prizes.  ... Continue Reading

Why the SBC Should Say “No More” to Beth Moore

While the SBC has certainly been rescued from theological liberalism—at some point the SBC has become a slave to pragmatism.

Sadly, whatever works often trumps what the Bible actually says. This leads people, institutions, and entire denominations away from doctrinal purity. Over time, the SBC learned that a partnership with Beth Moore would be a good decision both pragmatically (due to her popularity among women) and financially (primarily through LifeWay). No amount of financial benefit... Continue Reading

Living in Important Times

This Sunday counts in terms of who you teach and how you teach, your prayers for the souls of the saints and the unsaved are of increíble moment.

The New Testament is clear that the local gatherings of believers are the means by which God does his work of building the kingdom. Being a member of a biblical church, fulfilling the commitments which that entails, joyfully joining our voices with brothers and sisters from the same vicinity is a powerful and persuasive tool... Continue Reading

Small-Town Ministry Is Big with Opportunity

This has given me several opportunities for gospel conversations. And I thank the Lord for it.

I’ve come to realize that ministry is ministry, no matter where you go. Just like any town or church, there are many challenges, but at the heart of it all is this: People need the Lord. Snow Shoe is a small town, but there are still many unregenerate people. Much work remains. If the Lord calls... Continue Reading

The Woke Tools of the SBC: A Review of Resolution 9 on Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality

The use of ‘woke’ tools will not end well for the SBC; we were given a test on our commitment to the Scriptures and we failed.

Intersectionality has convinced many within evangelicalism to: Replace theology with victimology. Swap pastors with sociologists. Trade theologians for political activists. We will never achieve “reconciliation” and “unity” and “equality” through social justice. The SBC has made a serious mistake and one that without stern correction will be the tipping point for an already vulnerable and... Continue Reading

Dr. Benjamin Shaw Has Accepted Call To Teach At Reformation Bible College

A search for new Hebrew & Old Testament Instructor is under way at Greenville Seminary.

Dr. Shaw began teaching at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary (GPTS) in 1991, having previously taught at Wofford College and Duke University. Dr. Shaw has his PhD from Bob Jones University, ThM from Princeton Theological Seminary, and MDiv from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. Dr. Shaw will teach full-time at GPTS for one more semester this Fall before... Continue Reading

Seekest Thou Great Things for Thyself?

Where will we be most useful for the kingdom and where ought we to join are questions all Christians should ask.

My friend, Mike Tindall, used to frequently quote his former boss: ‘everyone needs a salary or a round of applause.’ Footballers are no exception and, sadly, the church often follows suit. Few are prepared to go to the unknown church, labouring in obscurity, that can neither afford to fund you nor give you a leg... Continue Reading

Walk Over the Vast Ocean (4)

The Puritans were thus concerned that public worship regularly include prayer for the cause of Christ throughout the world.

The Westminster Larger Catechism (1647) in its exposition of the Lord’s Prayer (Q. 191), said, “In the second petition (which is, Thy kingdom come,) acknowledging ourselves and all mankind to be by nature under the dominion of sin and Satan; we pray, that the kingdom of sin, and Satan, may be destroyed, the gospel propagated... Continue Reading

Church Leaders: Ministry Is From God, But It Is Not God

When we make ministry our god, it asks more and more from us without ever satisfying us.

To be able to serve people in the name of Jesus is an incredible blessing. Christ has given you the gifts you have received. He has given you the passion you possess. To help others encounter the grace of Jesus is thrilling. To witness the Lord transforming people, restoring marriages, and commissioning people to live... Continue Reading