DOCUMENTS RELATED TO “How To Smoke Out A Calvinistic pastor in your church”

These three documents are related to the story: How To Smoke Out A Calvinistic Pastor In Your Church DOCUMENT 1: REFORMED RED FLAGS Things to look for · Lack of passion in the public invitations for the lost to repent and receive Jesus as Lord and Savior or no gospel invitation is extended. · Lack... Continue Reading

“How to smoke out a Calvinistic pastor in your church”

This article comes from the ‘Founders Ministries Blog’ and was written by the Executive Director of Founders Ministries. Yesterday I was sent the following 3 documents that have been circulating in Western Tennessee among some Southern Baptist Churches. It seems that they were distributed at seminars being held for churches to teach “how to find... Continue Reading

South Carolina Judge issues temporary restraining order against the ARP Synod from calling meetings of the Interim Board of Trustees

In the Complaint filed by current Erskine College officials, the claim is made that the school itself owns, maintains, and operates the college. Further the complaint is marked “Jury Trial Demanded” Following is an extract from the Court Order: Plaintiff Erskine College filed a motion for temporary restraining order pursuant to Rule 65(b) of the... Continue Reading

Former PCUSA official punished by secular, church courts

At the 204th PCUSA General Assembly, Chamberlain unexpectedly defeated (the) incumbent Stated Clerk, the denomination’s highest elected office. But within 24 hours of his election…Chamberlain announced his resignation. Winfred Clark Chamberlain III, a Presbyterian Church (USA) minister who held some of the highest offices in the denomination, has been removed from ordained office by the... Continue Reading

ARP Synod Commission: Changes will unify Erskine

Extract and link to a story in the local Greenwood, SC paper which has been running a series of articles with interviews of people upset by the recent ARP Synod decision Members of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church commission that investigated Erskine College and Seminary and reported back to the General Synod said their recommendations... Continue Reading

Hologram Preachers Slated to Appear in Churches

Currently, there are some 3,000 multi-sites in the country. Some churches that have adopted the one church in multiple locations approach have turned their other campuses into video venues. In other words, the pastor preaches at one location and is beamed to screens in other locations. While the dust over beaming preachers on a video... Continue Reading

Lutheran CORE announces plans for formation of The North American Lutheran Church (NALC)

Reading this plan brings back memories of Journal Day, 1972 and the plan for formation of the National Presbyterian Church (DKC) Christ-Centered, Mission-Driven, Traditionally-Grounded and Congregationally-Focused We are living in an exciting time for confessing Lutherans in North America! Pastors and laypeople increasingly are engaged in the life of the Church beyond their congregations. Many... Continue Reading

ARP Synod actions on Erskine College Board questioned concerning accreditation status

“…when there is a major change in governance, colleges are required to report to SACS about the change, and President Ruble did so the day after the church replaced the board members.” Last week’s dismissal – by a religious body — of 14 trustees of Erskine College (to be followed by reconsidering the status of... Continue Reading

Chinese Land Official Says “Golden Lampstand Church will be destroyed”

The six-story Jindengtai “Golden Lampstand” Church is the home church of the 50,000 member Linfen Church Network in Shanxi. A symbol of strength and unity for the 50,000-member Linfen Church Network, the central church building Jindengtai (Golden Lampstand) towers over the neighboring buildings in Linfen City. The building was confiscated by the Chinese government in... Continue Reading

Report of Recent Actions by Providence Presbytery (PCA)

For those who may not be familiar with this name, Providence is a relatively new Presbytery that was formed of churches in Northern Alabama, formerly part of Evangel Presbytery The Fifth Stated Meeting took place at First Church, Tuscumbia on February 9th. At this meeting the Presbytery took the following actions: The presbytery adopted the... Continue Reading