Holy Week in Cyprus

Burns is a PCA Minister serving as pastor of the Nicosia Community Church, an independent, multi-denominational congregation in Cyprus. He regularly shares interesting stories of the culture on this beautiful Mediterranean Island. Easter is a special holiday on Cyprus – not only for its religious significance, but also for the fact that it coincides with... Continue Reading

Thousands enjoy 22nd Easter Sunrise Service on Marco Island, Florida

The Easter Message was delivered by Rev. William Lyle of Marco Presbyterian. He took as his theme “The King Lives…and It Isn’t Elvis.” Lyle compared the life and death of Elvis Presley to the death and rebirth of Jesus, saying Elvis, unlike Christ, “has zero impact on my life.” It was a beautiful morning to... Continue Reading

Virginia Episcopalians – State Supreme Court will hear Episcopal Church’s, diocese’s appeals April 13

The Virginia diocese and the Episcopal Church have opposed the congregations’ claims and asked the courts to declare that the property must be held and used for the mission of the Episcopal Church and the diocese. The Supreme Court of Virginia has told the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia and the Episcopal Church that it will... Continue Reading

South Carolina Episcopalians – All Saints Pawleys Island factions settle dispute

“No one should be insensitive to the feelings of those who are disappointed that our church will not be returning to Kings River Road, and no one should put a damper on the enthusiasm and spirit of those who now see us free to finally pursue our Gospel ministries, free of litigation and uncertainty.” Breakaway... Continue Reading

Remaining faithful to the Scripture – New RPCNA church in Oklahoma

“We focus on understanding people as being in covenant,” Bailey said. “That is a relationship ruled by promises.” Several families in Enid who have been meeting in homes for several years now have a pastor and a church name. Noah Bailey is pastor of Enid Reformed Church, which has been holding services since September. Enid... Continue Reading

Update On Erskine College TRO Hearing – No News is No News

With the Abbeville Clerk of Court’s Office closed for the weekend, filing of the judge’s decision is not expected until Monday morning. When the hearing was suddenly adjourned last week in Newberry, Judge Griffith announced he would have his decision filed within ten days. That has apparentlly not been possible for a couple of reasons.... Continue Reading

The Rev. Jeffrey Meyers responds to his recent accusations regarding Federal Vision Theology

The following was posted on Anthony Bradley’s blog late last night (April 1): The Rev. Jeffrey Meyers responds here (files.me.com/jeffmeyers/bdl7eb) to the accusations regarding the Federal Vision theology. Below is the context of the accusations and here (files.me.com/jeffmeyers/bdl7eb) is Rev. Meyers’ response. Source: http://bradley.chattablogs.com/ [Editor’s note: the original URL (link) referenced in this article is no... Continue Reading

Prominent African-American pastor says it is time for Southern Baptists to elect a black president

“The SBC must repent of systemic, institutionalized and historic negative attitudes toward women, race and dissenters.” Dwight McKissic, pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas, said in a blog on March 31 that in order to achieve a “Great Commission resurgence” to make the denomination more effective, the convention founded in 1845 to defend... Continue Reading

New churches rising Easter Sunday in Culpeper, VA

Asked why the launch was set for Easter, Holland said the date, a popular time for folks to attend church, also fits with the denomination’s beliefs. “We believe the resurrection is crucial to our faith A new church has picked a particularly significant day to launch its Culpeper mission. Christ Covenant PCA, part of the... Continue Reading

Erskine Lawsuit Update – Plaintiffs, Defendants file final arguments from delayed TRO hearing.

One would suspect that a decision might be as early as late as this Thursday afternoon – but nothing has gone according to ‘chalk’ in this process yet. When the hearing on the Temporary Restraining Order granted to the Plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the General Synod of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian (ARP) church was... Continue Reading