Episcopal Appeals Court hears arguments on Pennsylvania Bishop’s verdict, proposed deposition

Bishop Bennison was found to have failed to discharge his pastoral obligations to the girl, the members of her family, and the members of the parish youth group as well as church authorities after he learned of his brother’s behavior. Attorneys for the Episcopal Church and for the Diocese of Pennsylvania’s Bishop Charles Bennison argued... Continue Reading

PCA Strategic Plan: Administrative Committee Addresses Questions

“It seems right, I think, that those who assign the tasks bear some responsibility to fund them. Likewise, it’s reasonable that those who receive the benefits would help cover the costs—even gladly.” On April 8, the PCA’s Administrative Committee (AC), comprised of 11 teaching and ruling elders, along with nine representatives from PCA committees and... Continue Reading

PCA Congregation in Cleveland, Ohio makes a providentially blessed move to a new location

The Westminster Presbyterian Church of Metro Cleveland has moved and changed their name. They are now identified by their location, the Pleasant Valley Presbyterian Church of Parma, Ohio. The purchase too place without realtor fees (the property was never listed), without legal fees (two lawyers worked pro bono), and without interest on the loan (the... Continue Reading

Response filed to ARP Synod Appeal of a Preliminary Injunction in the Erskine College court case

Plaintiffs Attorneys refer to the ARP Synod action to appoint a new board as a “corporate-law equivalent of a midnight coup of Erskine College.” Attorneys for the Plaintiffs in the case of Taylor, Young, Chestnut et al versus the ARP Synod concerning the governance of Erskine College and Seminary filed papers on Wednesday with the... Continue Reading

ARP Church Session forwards allegations against Erskine Seminary professor

The Session of Unity ARP, Piedmont, SC alleges that The Reverend James Hering filed a “public civil suit against his brother in Christ in the denomination” which is contrary to Biblical principles According to a story filed overnight on the web site of the Greenwood, SC based Index-Journal newspaper, the Session of Unity Associate Reformed... Continue Reading

Fort Myers (Florida) Planning Commission approves project for EPC congregation’s first building

New Hope EPC, which split from the Covenant PCUSA two years ago following a publicized schism, is looking to purchase 20 acres, which will be part of a mixed-use tract The City of Fort Myers approved a plan on Monday night for a 75-acre development on Colonial Boulevard near the intersection with Veronica Shoemaker Boulevard.... Continue Reading

Report of Actions at Mississippi Valley Presbytery (PCA) on May 4th, 2010

Mississippi Valley Presbytery met Tuesday, May 4, at First Presbyterian Church, Yazoo City, MS. Due to divine providence the Stated Clerk, Roger Collins was hindered from being to the meeting on time and so, the retiring Moderator, RE Phil McDade, led the men in a Season of Prayer. The focus of most of the prayer... Continue Reading

“Tea Party” Style Insurgence Ripples Through Lutheran Missouri Synod Election

The president of Concordia Seminary, said Harrison “has more conservative supporters, who are active in the blogosphere. He is seen as more confessional, adhering to the teachings and practices of the Lutheran confession” When the nominations for president of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod were tallied and released earlier this month, a collective gasp went up... Continue Reading

Déjà vu? Denomination Releases Proposed Vision Plan; commissioners will vote in June (this time it is the Southern Baptists messengers)

A Southern Baptist panel released on Monday the final draft of a report that is expected to set the nation’s largest Protestant denomination on a new course. With the denomination in decline, the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force is challenging the Southern Baptist Convention to adopt a new compelling vision for the sake of its... Continue Reading

Death Toll Rises as Nashville River Crests; PCA General Assembly site not involved

Jack Watkins, Stated Clerk of Nashville Presbytery, told to The Aquila Report that downtown flooding has not impacted the PCA General Assembly site; a few restaurants and tourist sites are closed Muddy waters poured over the banks of Nashville’s swollen Cumberland River on Monday, spilling into Music City’s historic downtown streets while rescuers using boats... Continue Reading