Vice Moderator of Presbyterian Church (USA) declares: ‘Scripture is not the Word of God’

“And it is little wonder that the PCUSA is rapidly diminishing as a result. When the church no longer upholds Scripture as authoritative in matters of faith and life, it is like a ship in full sail but without rudder and compass, driven in whatever direction the cultural winds are blowing, our port of destination... Continue Reading

Missouri Presbytery (PCA) has set up a Committee to Investigate Allegations against TE Jeff Meyers views on Federal Vision; report due in near future

Editor’s Note: On March 29, 2010 The Aquila Report published an open letter to Missouri Presbytery which contained allegations against a Teaching Elder in that he had publically taught views concerning Federal Vision Theology that were contrary to the Westminster Confession. This story explains the process to date of dealing with that letter in Missouri... Continue Reading

Fresno (CA) First Presbyterian (EPC) calls Interim Pastor as church recovers from tragedy

First Presbyterian Church in downtown Fresno has hired a short-term interim pastor to help the congregation heal from its pastor’s suicide. The Rev. Jamie Evans took his own life Feb. 25 after struggling with depression. He was 50. In November, he took leave because of exhaustion and burnout, church officials say, and received help for... Continue Reading

Acquittal of same-sex marriage charge reversed; headed to PCUSA Permanent Judicial Commission

The Synod of the Northeast Permanent Judicial Commission (PJC) has overturned a ruling that acquitted Boston-area pastor the Rev. Jean Southard of disciplinary charges brought on by a same-sex marriage she performed in 2008. Southhard will appeal the ruling to the General Assembly PJ C, she said during a More Light Presbyterians luncheon in Minneapolis.... Continue Reading

Two PCA Presbyteries Vote Against Approving Proposed BCO 14 Amendments

Wisconsin and Northwest Georgia Presbyteries, both meeting on September 11, were the first PCA Presbyteries to consider the proposed amendments to the Book of Church Order. Both courts voted overwhelmingly against approval. Wisconsin Presbytery voted 14-2 against both the amendments, while Northwest Georgia voted 23-2 against BCO 14-1 and 24-2 against BCO 14-2. The amendments... Continue Reading

Delegates to World Communion of Reformed Churches Denied Entry – U.S. immigration officials hamper Christian gatherings.

“How do you prove that you have the resources to want to come back when you’re not paid a real high salary [and] you don’t own property” Ugandan pastor Martin Wanjala was denied a visa by the U.S. embassy in Kampala, Uganda, to attend the founding meeting of the World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC).... Continue Reading

Florida Pastor Cancels 9/11 Qur’an Burning; Hillsboro Baptist Church in Kansas says they will carry it out

Two reports – one from Florida, one from Kansas – add details to this story and change the venue for the expected Saturday crisis. As previously reported in The Aquila Report, the Rev Terry Jones said Thursday that he was calling off the Qur’an burning event. He told reporters that he and his church are... Continue Reading

It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over – Pastor Jones says he was lied to; Qur’an burning ‘suspended’, not cancelled

Statement released by nine South Florida pastors, including Tullian Tchividjian of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church: “The Bible does not condone this act — which is neither Christ-like, loving nor kind — and neither do we” Even as local, national and world leaders applauded the Rev. Terry Jones’ decision to drop a widely criticized plan to... Continue Reading

Qur’an burning canceled; Pastor Called by Secretary of Defense

The Miami Herald is reporting that Terry Jones, the Gainesville pastor whose plan to publically burn Qur’ans, the Muslim Holy Scripture, at 6:00PM Saturday, has cancelled the event after talking to the Secretary of Defense. Secretary Robert Gates apparently called Jones from the Pentagon late this afternoon and explained the nature of the risk to... Continue Reading

Anglican clergywoman to greet Pope Benedict during visit to Britain

The sight of Benedict XVI and Archbishop Williams praying for unity at the shrine of Edward the Confessor could be a defining moment: the 11th century monarch is the patron saint of kings, difficult marriages and separated spouses. Pope Benedict’s arrival in Britain breaks new ground on many levels, with a state welcome from the... Continue Reading