Churches Weigh the Credit Card Question – Leaders wrestle with payment option for online giving.

Bryce Collman spent years as an executive in the electronic payment processing business. He saw an opportunity at the end of 2009 to start a company that offers churches lower rates for processing credit and debit card transactions, and he was eager to spread the word. But visits to church leaders to tout his money-saving... Continue Reading

Grace Chapel of Lexington, Mass. (formerly pastored, by Gordon MacDonald) purchases second campus for $3 Million.

Local business sources in the Boston area are reporting that Grace Chapel, an evangelical Christian church based in Lexington, Massachusetts, has purchased the former Casa di Fior function hall in Wilmington, Mass for $3 million. The building is 29,201 square feet and it is situated on 4.219 acres. A Realtor involved in the sale, James... Continue Reading

Indiana trial court decision overturned – Appeals court returns property to PCUSA Presbytery

The Appeals Court of Indiana has struck down an earlier ruling that had awarded church property to Olivet Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Evansville, Ind., following its split with the Presbyterian Church (USA). Declaring that Olivet’s participation in the denomination equates to compliance with the so-called trust clause – specifically its remaining in the PCUSA at... Continue Reading

Mission field Boston: Evangelical groups see region as fertile ground for ‘plant’ churches

“Our perspective is that New England is underserved,’’ said Bob Sawyer, director of the Church Planting Center at Christ the King Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Cambridge. “Boston has become a magnet for church plants. It is perceived to be very needy, spiritually… Within the walls of a traditional New England church that saw its longtime... Continue Reading

Cables made public by WikiLeaks Show Vatican Tensions and Diplomacy With U.S.

Recently released diplomatic cables show the Vatican fighting to shore up its eroding control over sexual abuse scandals in the United States and Ireland, highlighting complex tensions between the Vatican hierarchy, local bishops and civil authorities. Articles in this series examine American diplomatic cables as a window on relations with the rest of the world... Continue Reading

Dispatch from Cyprus – Christmas Edition

Needless to say the endless line of coffee shops is doing a good bit of business. (Remember, this is a coffee culture…Starbuck’s late night crowd doesn’t leave until between 12-1AM…when the store closes.) I’m listening to one of my favorite Christmas albums…Christmas with Bing Crosby. That’s the way Christmas carols are supposed to sound. As... Continue Reading

Four Anglican Parishes Appeal to Supreme Court of Canada – property fight over $20 million in properties continues

“We are all committed to seeking and obeying our Lord’s leading and acting in accordance with His Holy Word. All of us are fully prepared to walk away from our church properties if that is the path God has chosen for us.” Four orthodox Anglican parishes, under siege by New Westminster Anglican Bishop Michael Ingham,... Continue Reading

Ecclesiastical Tyranny or Liberty? – A response to Kenny Stewart’s ‘Circular’ On the Free Church of Scotland’s Plenary Assembly

In the 19th Century there were great ‘pamphlet wars’ between ministers and church leaders. At best these helped people deal with the issues, at worst they were emotive personal attacks which did not grace the Gospel. I suspect the 21st Century equivalent of these are the ‘blog wars’. I have no desire to get involved... Continue Reading

Presbyterian Church (USA) Faces Lawsuit Over Sexual Abuse on Mission Field

A victim of sexual abuse filed a lawsuit on Monday against the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A). Sean Coppedge claims the denomination failed to protect him and other children during their stay at a boarding house in Congo, where his parents were serving as missionaries. “On the night I was sexually abused I immediately informed the Presbyterian... Continue Reading

Discipleship and Planting Churches

While intentional goals, these marks are not, of course, all perfectly manifested at all times, in all places. There is sin and failure. However, strong gospel proclamation, with loving, intentional discipleship, accountability and vision, creates a grace-saturated, growing, Christ centered community. Recently I was privileged to take part in a discussion on church planting and... Continue Reading