4 Truths About Christian Giving

Ministry means service; service means relieving need; need means a lack of something that one cannot well do without.

The ministry of giving has many goals: spreading the gospel, sustaining the church, providing care for distressed individuals (as the Samaritan in Jesus’s story did for the beaten-up, half-dead Jew), and for distressed groups like the Jerusalem Christians, and more. The ministry of giving in all its forms aims to advance the kingdom of God,... Continue Reading

The Gospel I Knew

I was taught that I deserved a good life.

In Nigeria there are Anglicans, Baptists, Methodists, Pentecostals and Roman Catholics. But the prosperity gospel has achieved the colossal task of uniting these different traditions. The greatest ecumenical force has been prosperity theology. Our differences do not really matter when we come before the God who wants us all to prosper.   The prosperity gospel... Continue Reading

Dear Church—Don’t Overlook and Undervalue the Elderly

"It’s a new thing with a new mission for a new target and a new culture.”

In a message sent to the members, they were given an opportunity to attend another Methodist church some 15 miles away during the process. However, they were also informed that when the church relaunched, it would be different and the changes were intended to reach a different group of people in their community. Specifically, younger people.   A recent move... Continue Reading

Why We Shouldn’t Ditch the Traditional Sermon Just Yet

Many views agree that the sermon has had its day.

Most people manage perfectly happily with our 40-minute sermons. The only people who don’t are those who don’t really want to listen to the Word at all. Most people are quite happy to sit, listen and will even chat about stuff they’ve heard later in the week with other church members. It’s almost as if... Continue Reading

Kicking the Can Down the Road: Why The RCA Cannot Have Unity If It Disagrees On Homosexuality

Does Christian unity demand that we stay together even as we stand in dramatic opposition on sexuality, the gospel and how we understand our faith?

The sexually immoral in 1 Corinthians are to be put out because Paul had “already pronounced judgment on the one who did such a thing.” There is a similar theme in 2 Thessalonians 3:14, “If someone does not obey what we say “… take note of such a person, and have nothing to do with... Continue Reading

The RCA Needs a Miracle: A Reflection On What Is Needed For 200 Churches Not To Leave The RCA

A growing consensus has emerged: barring a ‘synod miracle,’ it’s time to graciously leave the RCA. This separation could mean up to 250 conservative churches leaving the RCA.

For the last decades the RCA has been unable to clearly state its thinking on gay marriage, gay ordination and gender identity. The majority believes in a traditional and historic view on these matters while the smaller minority has embraced gay sexuality as a gospel good that should be celebrated. The tensions are high and... Continue Reading

Christ Covenant PCA, Matthews, NC, Worship Center Sustains Roof Damage from Tornado

Letter from Pastor Kevin DeYoung to the Christ Covenant PCA congregation about holding Sunday worship at Carmel Baptist Church 2 miles away

Thankfully, Carmel Baptist Church—just two miles down the road—is graciously opening their building to us. We will have our “morning” service at 4:00 pm on Sunday at Carmel Baptist in their sanctuary. There will be no Sunday School, no “evening” service, and no childcare available…We encourage our folks, as they are able, to worship at... Continue Reading

Your Church and the Priority of Worship

Worship in your little congregation is part of a larger drama that plays out across the universe.

The vision of Revelation 4-5 shows you just how important worship is. If the throne is the central image of the universe, worship is the central activity. The vision describes the attendants around the throne. They include 24 elders, representing the people of God in all times (12 tribes plus 12 apostles), 4 living creatures,... Continue Reading

Talking about the Church…

There is a universal solidarity among believers, throughout all time, based on their union with Christ and the biblical truth they confess.

Theologians have referred to the church militant and the church triumphant. The church militant is the collective group of believers fighting their way to glory. The church triumphant is the collective group of believers who have finished their pilgrimage and have entered into their rest in the presence of God and the Lamb. When theologians... Continue Reading

Worship Involves Participation

Worship is not about us. Worship is about God and his glory.

When we treat worship services like the movie theater or a sporting event, it turns it into something other than what God intends a worship service to be in the first place. When you hear people talking about going to a church because they’re attracted to their “worship” or their “singing” you should have red... Continue Reading