Virginia Beach in talks to buy 1,339 acres from two megachurches

One of the properties is 820 acres owned by Rock Ministries, which operates Rock Church. The other is 519 acres owned by Kempsville Presbyterian Church (EPC). Both tracts are in the southern part of the city. The city is in negotiations to buy two huge parcels of land owned by churches in the rural southern... Continue Reading

Little church that made it through Civil War celebrates recovery from flood

In 1831, 20 years after the congregation of Harpeth Presbyterian Church started, a land-owner gave the low-lying land on Hillsboro Road next to the Little Harpeth River to the church. And until 1950, the church had just a dirt floor. “Ironically, we’re on some of the most worthless land in Williamson County,” says Jones. “But... Continue Reading

King James Version celebrates 400 years as the Bible: Messages of Faith

Christians around the world celebrate the 400th anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible

The translators of the King James Version followed an essentially literal philosophy of translation. In other words, they saw it as their task to present the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures in readable English that most nearly reflected the words and forms of the original. English-speaking Christians around the world celebrate the 400th anniversary of the... Continue Reading

PCA’s Great Lakes Presbytery Concurs in Overture to Eliminate Administrative Committee funding of denominational magazine

Great Lakes Presbytery overtures the 39th General Assembly of the PCA to encourage the Administrative Committee within the next year to equip, to the best of its ability, byFaithOnline and byFaith Magazine to financially stand on its own outside the support of the Administrative Committee. At its stated meeting on Saturday, April 30, Great Lakes... Continue Reading

The Evangelical Squad – Group Sees New York City as Incubator to Plant churches

Mr. Wasko was following a strategy taught by Redeemer Presbyterian Church, which opened in New York in 1989 and has fueled the city’s evangelical renaissance. Most Sundays, Redeemer and its pastor, Timothy Keller, draw 5,000 people to five services in three locations; its church-planting arm, Redeemer City to City, has helped start 170 churches in... Continue Reading

Seven Things We Learned from the AC Funding Fracas

The PCA’s Administrative Committee funding proposal that last year’s General Assembly sent to the presbyteries for approval has officially failed. What has it taught us? A ton? Not much? Here are a few suggestions: We want to fund the AC. Throughout all the AC funding fracas no one lobbied to detonate the AC. Maybe there... Continue Reading

Central Carolina Overture Asks PCA GA to Withdraw Its Membership from the National Association of Evangelicals

Central Carolina Presbytery hereby overtures the 39th General Assembly to withdraw the membership of the PCA in the NAE at the soonest possible date. Central Carolina Presbytery adopted an overture on April 26, 2011 that asks the 39th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America to withdraw from the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE).... Continue Reading

A Reminder from the Past: Cry the Warning!

When it is impossible to persuade the church to make a change in its Constitution consciously and formally, it is possible to really change the Constitution in its spirit without changing it in words, and silently to bring about a departure from what has been believed, to some new doctrines, until unawares the church shall... Continue Reading

A Salt Lake City PCUSA church distributes free copies of Quran

The idea, Fericks said, “was simple. It was creative. It was courageous in the sense of saying, ‘We’re not afraid of the truth.’ “You don’t have to let the nincompoops of the world control all the message,” he said. Leaders of a Presbyterian congregation in Salt Lake City have an answer to the Florida pastor... Continue Reading

PCUSA suggests holding Indiana travel plans for event, pending immigration proposal

Register but don’t pack. Citing instructions from the 219th General Assembly, the General Assembly Mission Council (GAMC), raised the prospect of moving the event to another city if an immigration bill currently working its way through the Indiana General Assembly is approved. Register but don’t pack. That’s the message the Presbyterian Church (USA) is sending... Continue Reading