5 Things The Church Does That Enable Abuse

Christians can be kind, trusting, and gracious, and predators can see that as a weakness to be exploited

I’ve been thinking though about some of the things in our own church culture that, while well meaning, can enable abuse and create environments that are enticing to abusers and dangerous for abused. Put another way, how do we make our “hospitals” safer for everyone? I don’t have all the answers but I can think... Continue Reading

Threading The #MeToo Needle

Should the church get on board with the #MeToo movement?

“We need to make it easier for vulnerable people to report abuse. We need to make the process less biased towards the rich, the powerful and the established. But. We need to maintain a concern for evidence and due process. And in the church we need to believe in the possibility of repentance, change, growth... Continue Reading

The Selfish Reason To Stay At The Same Church For A Long Time

When a pastor remains at the same church for a long time, the church flourishes. So does the pastor.

A man who lives among the same people for decades will have an entire gallery of character sketches that have been drawn for the church and community to observe. While no pastor is perfect, all pastors are called to make visible spiritual progress. “Practice these things, devote yourself to them, so that all may see... Continue Reading

Looming Debate Over SSA

Conservatives should refrain from drawing the worst possible implications from what seems to be a thoughtful and responsible attempt to address this major cultural touchstone.

While avoiding hysterical division, we can at the same time note that a major question mark hangs over the normalization of SSA as a Christian category. It seems that there is a growing consensus in the PCA that we can and must distinguish between one’s sexual orientation and sinful desires.   These days, it seems... Continue Reading

A Simple Treatment for Ministry Weariness

After we’ve spent ourselves for the Lord and for others, we find ourselves…well, spent.

The prophet Elijah labored under great duress. He declared to King Ahab that there would be three years of drought in ancient Israel; that’s not exactly a formula to win friends and influence people (1 Kings 17). Elijah lived as a wanted man; Ahab searched everywhere for him. The Lord spared his life in a cave... Continue Reading

David Platt Is Ready to Leave the IMB

After trying to both run a major missions agency and preach on Sundays, the local church won out.

“I have come to the realization that it is not viable long-term for me to lead as president of the IMB while serving as teaching pastor in a church,” said Platt, who brought his radical approach to faith to the IMB during a major budget crisis.   When David Platt became a teaching pastor at a DC-area megachurch... Continue Reading

3 Reasons a Humble Leader Is an Effective Leader

When it comes to leadership, here are three reasons a humble leader is a more effective leader.

Humility is a mark of the Christian faith. We belong to God because He humbled Himself for us, stepped into our world, and suffered a humiliating death for us. We become His when we humble ourselves as children and trust Him fully, knowing we cannot stand before Him in our goodness. We become more like... Continue Reading

The Corporate Application of Scripture

People need to be helped in seeing not only the individual but also the corporate application of Scripture.

Considering the church and not just my individual self as the temple of God (which many professing Christians do) emphasizes such things as the importance of being at worship, learning from others, serving together in the church, etc. Recognizing many of the epistles were written to congregations or to ministers serving them can help apply... Continue Reading

Who’s the Worship Leader When There’s No “Worship Leader”?

Reformed pastors should view themselves not only as preachers but as worship leaders.

Let’s assume I’m right, that Reformed pastors should be not only the best preachers they can be, but the best worship leaders they can be. What would this look like? How can a Reformed pastor grow in his ability as a worship leader? Here are some basic steps to begin with.   Over the past... Continue Reading

All Other Ground is Sinking Sand: A Portrait of Theological Disaster

Once the truthfulness and trustworthiness of the Bible are abandoned, theological revisionism is inevitable.

There was a time when the SBC and the CBF were locked in competition for the loyalty and financial support of major churches. In turn, those congregations were often divided internally by the same conflict. Over twenty years later, that competition is long over. The SBC and the CBF have each moved through history according... Continue Reading