What’s the Use of Christian Charity?

Without charity the gospel sounds like cheap talk.

Christian charity demonstrates that salvation has revived in us a God-like, holistic concern for the hurting. Works of mercy create an environment in which to communicate the gospel’s invitation to become entirely new people. As Christians provide clothes for the naked and food for the hungry, so God provides forgiveness for sins, heaven for hell,... Continue Reading

Killing Worship: The Experience (Part 1)

What’s important to notice are the common themes are universally shared in many worship services across the United States.

The pastor seemed to teach that God dropped the promise into Abraham. I was genuinely confused with what he was saying. The sermon then rehearsed Abraham’s stumbling along the way, as the next “Off-Roading Observation” called us to live our lives out-loud. As I was trying to figure out what he meant by this, all... Continue Reading

Ministry Is Not For Sissies

If you have a romantic view of ministry, you need to buckle your seatbelt. 

You will enter the pulpit ministry with the idea that so long as you study hard and prepare to feed the sheep each week faithfully from God’s Word that they will be satisfied—only to learn that they aren’t satisfied due to their selfish cravings. You’ll learn that people will disappoint you, betray you, make false... Continue Reading

Giving Time, Talents, and Treasures

Giving to the church is about more than money.

Whatever possessions we “own” are given by God for us to steward for others’ good and His glory. Whatever possessions God has entrusted to us, how can we use them to serve others? Can we regularly loan a car to a carless newly married couple? Can we let a missionary family stay in our home... Continue Reading

Preaching for Doctrinal Discernment

If Christ’s sheep are to discern truth from error, shepherds from wolves, good food from poison, then you must teach them.

I want to challenge the notion that our pursuit of clarity in preaching for the average hearer, absent rhetorical flourishes that emphasize our being well-learned, equates to emptying our teaching of doctrinal terminology and intellectual rigor. Rather, I want to argue that it is pastorally imperative that we encourage our hearers to think hard and... Continue Reading

Speaking Through Silence

God can use our silence as a way of loving others, and we don’t need to pressure ourselves to say something profound and biblical every time someone shares a burden with us.

Can you think of a time when you felt compelled to say something and immediately regretted it? Even though we had good intentions of saying something biblical or trying to give hope, our words were more hurtful than helpful. Often, our timing is off. I’ve heard similar stories from people who have lost a family... Continue Reading

Broad Minds and Big Hearts

A Case For Christian Liberal-Arts Education

Why emphasize the liberal arts and humanities alongside Scripture? Because a liberal-arts education, received under the lordship of Christ, uniquely prepares students to live as broad-minded, big-hearted Christians in the home, the church, and the world.   He is before all things, and in him all things hold together. (Colossians 1:17) At Bethlehem College & Seminary,... Continue Reading

2019 Reformed Congregational Fellowship Pastors’ Conference, April 9-11

The Reformed Congregational Fellowship Pastors’ Conference will be at the Wonderland Conference Center, Sharon, Massachusetts on April 9-11, 2019.

The Bride, the Elect, a Royal Priesthood, the Body, a Chosen Race, Saints, the Circumcision, the Children of God, the Household of God, a Holy Nation, a Holy Temple, a Dwelling Place for God by the Spirit. These are just some of the extraordinary titles and descriptions for the entity we commonly call the Church.... Continue Reading

South African Court Sets Aside Dutch Reformed Church Policy Prohibiting So-Called Same-Sex Marriages

The Dutch Reformed Church (NGK) of South Africa has a policy prohibiting members in same-sex marriages and persons in same-sex relationships.

ChristianView Network condemns the outrageous judgment of judge Joseph Raulinga of the North Gauteng High Court setting aside the Dutch Reformed Church (NGK) policy prohibiting so-called ‘same-sex marriages’ and persons in same-sex relationships.  The policy of prohibiting same-sex sexual relations has always been and always will be the policy of every genuine Christian church –... Continue Reading

The Best Book of the Bible for New Believers

John is great, but I think we would do well if we skip back two Gospels.

I know, I know. The whole Bible is about Jesus. Read from a redemptive-historical perspective, you can find Jesus in the books of James and Jude and Jeremiah. He is the point of every page. And yet, the Gospels are just different. They are different because they give you the words, actions, and deeds of Jesus... Continue Reading