The Intersection of the Natural and the Supernatural in Preaching

How do the supernatural and the natural intersect in the act of preaching?

The human effort of mind and will and body that goes into preaching is not contrary to the purposes of God to bring about supernatural effects. And, therefore, my plea is for preachers to expend every effort in thinking2 and explaining and arguing and illustrating with all their rational powers to make the intention of the... Continue Reading

First Methodist, Louisville, Miss., Withdraws from United Methodist Church, Raising Issues Over Church Property Winston Web News

On March of 2018, church members at First United Methodist Church of Louisville, Mississippi voted to withdraw the congregation's membership from the UMC denomination.

The bishop dismissed the pastor. He declared that he accepted the withdrawal and transfer of the 175 members, and that those few remaining now made up the church. He appointed Dr. Carl Grubbs as interim pastor. He gave the present pastor 30 days to vacate the church parsonage. So, how will those 175 plus members... Continue Reading

3 Dangerous Lies Ministry Leaders Believe

Isolation, boredom, and pride are not sins to tame, but sins that must be slain

“Over the last several years I’ve thought a lot about fallen ministry leaders. I’ve seen godly leaders I love and respect implode, and I’ve observed explosive lies beneath the surface bring devastating fallout to friends, family, ministries, and a watching world. These lies also brought about David’s fall, and their effect is just as destructive... Continue Reading

Three Accidents That Did Not Happen at Your Church

Your calling is not an accident. God called you to salvation. God called you to ministry.

“Your church address is not an accident. Your community is not an accident. And your calling is not an accident. God is in it all. God is the power of it all. Celebrate these realities. You were called to this specific church in this specific community at this specific time.”   If you are the... Continue Reading

10 Things You Should Know about Jehovah’s Witnesses

A solid majority of adult Jehovah’s Witnesses (63 percent) have no more than a high school diploma

“The JWs deny the doctrine of the Trinity. They insist it is an invention of Satan that originated in ancient Babylon, sometime around 2200 b.c. JWs are, strictly speaking, unitarian in their view of the Godhead. They also believe that the Holy Spirit is not a person but a force of God.”   I read... Continue Reading

The Wedding Sermon and the PCA

Rev. Curry is one of the leading forces in the continued apostasy of the Episcopal Church.

Reverend Curry’s sermon was a rather typical paean to “the power of love.” I rather think John Lennon would have been pleased. No wonder the secular media, various celebrities, and theological liberals were so enamored with it. But one would expect more wisdom and discernment from Reformed evangelicals.   I am not sure if it... Continue Reading

Pastoral Anxiety

“Apart from other things, there is the daily pressure on me of my anxiety for all the churches” (II Cor. 11:28).

Ever since I became a pastor, I have found unusual comfort in this verse. It’s not that I have accomplished what Paul accomplished or suffered what he suffered, but every earnest minister feels this burden for the church. And Paul had several churches to burden him. The churches were full of infighting and backbiting. They... Continue Reading

Arrested in Chengdu

On the 10th anniversary of the Sichuan earthquake, Chinese authorities played catch-and-release with house church members who commemorated the disaster.

After the May 12, 2008, earthquake, house churches from all parts of China sent teams to help in the relief effort, which began a movement of Christian charities, as organizations provided aid, rebuilt houses, and planted churches. Wang, who at the time was not yet a full-time pastor, helped coordinate church teams that poured into... Continue Reading

Sexual Sin Is a Corporate Affair

Our response to sexual sin within the church reveals a lot about our own spiritual, relational, and sexual maturity, as well as those with whom we fellowship.

Privatized spirituality is at the root of privatized sexuality. For the past twenty-two years, I have focused on the problems of pornography and adultery within the church in America, and I see sexual sin from a unique perspective. Numerous indicators tell us that it is in our midst. I also know for a fact that... Continue Reading

Can We Preach to All People?

It is because I believe Jesus laid down His life effectively for a particular people that I preach the gospel and want to see it preached everywhere.

“Moreover, it is the promise of the gospel that whoever believes in Christ crucified shall not perish but have eternal life. This promise, together with the command to repent and believe, ought to be announced and declared without differentiation or discrimination to all nations and people, to whom God in his good pleasure sends the... Continue Reading