Word and Spirit: The Power to Make Disciples

“Can these bones live?” the Lord asked Ezekiel.

Where does the power for discipleship come from? We can’t convert anybody, and we certainly can’t cause someone to grow in spiritual maturity. As a result of the curse of sin, an unbeliever is spiritually dead with no ability to revive himself. How, then, are we to obey the command to make disciples in the... Continue Reading

The Parable of the Tenants

The Master is coming, and we must render account.

Let us keep in mind all of God’s abundant kindness to us suggested by this parable: the carefully prepared vineyard, the hyper-patient dealings of the landowner pleading for a response, and the Son who died. The brave man who spoke this parable was shortly on His way to “taste death for everyone” (Heb. 2:9).  ... Continue Reading

God, Guilt, and Then What?

Instead of relying on Jesus, people accept one of two other options: they think sin isn’t really a big problem or they think they can overcome sin on their own.

When we embrace Christ’s sacrifice, our sins are no longer scored against us (Psalm 103:10-12). And when we embrace Christ’s resurrecting power, our wills are changed so that we desire to do good, no longer out of fear, but purely for the enjoyment of the Source of all good (Rom. 6:4-11).   Most people in... Continue Reading

Swiss Air Lines drops chocolate supplier over owner’s affiliation with pro-life Christian group.

This comes after months of protests, including the attacking of chocolate stores with butyric acid.

Following months of negative headlines, Swiss Air Lines decided to cut ties with the chocolatier that recently has expanded into North America, running stores in both New York City and Toronto. Sweets made by Läderach will be phased out by April 2020, the airline announced.   January 31, 2020 (LifeSiteNews)—Swiss Air Lines has dropped chocolate... Continue Reading

The Eternally Wounded Christ

There are several reasons why Jesus bears the wounds of His sufferings for all eternity.

Believers need to have their fears and doubts allayed. When the glorified Christ charged Thomas to touch the nail-prints in his hands and feet, and his pierced side, he was teaching every subsequent generation of believers about that which of most importance to their faith. While we do not now see the visible wounds of... Continue Reading

Is There a Climate Change Cult?

I suspect that in 2020 we are going to be hearing even more about climate change than we heard about transgender issues in 2019.

I suspect that what we will NOT get from the BBC in 2020 is a year of balanced reporting on the climate and the different views that people hold. If you question the current climate change doctrine you will be labeled a heretic and banned. Welcome to Climate Pravda.   Climate change is real. Human... Continue Reading

What Will Our Resurrection Body Be Like?

Scripture does provide certain key rails for our train of thought on the resurrection.

What will our body be like? Will it be like we have now but with what we might call super powers? Will a disabled body from birth have an abled body that, in many ways, will look and act quite different in the resurrection (as in the case with cerebral palsy)? And if someone has... Continue Reading

Revisiting Revoice: Same-Sex Attraction in the Fall

Revoice theology agrees that homosexual behavior is morally culpable sin, but does not necessarily agree that temptation to homosexual behavior is morally culpable sin.

A fair number of Protestant Christians were wrongly taught that temptation to sin is never the same thing as sin. But temptation to sin is sin, when that temptation stems from within. Temptation from within is rooted in our fallen flesh, while temptation from without originates with the world and Satan. We know from God’s word that Adam... Continue Reading

A Lesson (or Two) in Death

As a boy I heard preachers say that every death happened for a reason, but I couldn’t figure out the reason for my mum’s death.

I lost my mother unexpectedly in April, 2001. She was in her early thirties. She left behind her husband and three little boys, the youngest being 7 months old at the time. Back then I did not understand what had happened. And I was too young to ask questions, or to fully understand the answers... Continue Reading

Retrieving Theology: A Question of Posture

What is theological retrieval and is it any different than what we think of as church history or historical theology?

The short answer is that retrieval is a particular way of doing historical theology, largely in its insistence on a certain posture toward the Christian past. In my view, I see retrieval as helpful, precisely because of this posture, despite my dissatisfaction with many instantiations of it.   Recent days and years have seen an... Continue Reading