How the Gospel Resizes Our New Year’s Hopes and Fears

Looking to what God has done in the past in order to find courage for the future is a common theme throughout Scriptures.

One thing I learned in the course of my long life is that hopes and fears are in constant need of bridling and resizing, to bring them in accord with reality and with the ultimate goal of our lives—a goal that the Shorter Westminster Catechism, a 17th-century summary of the Christian faith, defines as “to... Continue Reading

The Lost Sheep of the House of Israel

Jesus is indicating that the focus of his earthly mission was primarily to the Jews.

These words are striking in their context because of the obvious persistence of the Gentile lady pleading with him and the apparent perplexity of the disciples who were privy to the conversation. But it is striking also because it echoes directly what Jesus had already said to the disciples when he sent them out to... Continue Reading

Can Scripture Teach Gen Zs To Be Godly Parents? Part 2

Parenting is the godly maturing of the child’s brain, God’s way.

  The good news is that Paul faced the same evangelical problem in his ministry to the Pagans, where their presuppositional belief system was strongly anchored in the worship of idols (likewise, our Gen Z’s worship the self). His success and failures are recorded in Acts, thus providing us with a very practical and proven... Continue Reading

The Value of Remembering and Forgetting

We hear men talking of the good old times. I grant you they were old, but were they good?

Someone has said that today has two great enemies. The one is tomorrow and the other is yesterday. And memory plays such madcap pranks sometimes that we are almost half-inclined to think that true. Do you remember Israel in the desert, and how they spoke to Moses about Egypt? ‘Is it a small thing’, cried... Continue Reading

Death Was Crushed by Weakness

The Wondrous Power of the Cross

What looked like weakness could not have been any stronger. By attempting to prey on a seemingly defenseless man, his murderers unleashed the full intensity and brilliance of divine power. In the weakest moment imaginable, Jesus defeated the two most intimidating enemies you have ever known: your sin and the armies of Satan against you.... Continue Reading

Sins of Omission

When we consider and examine our own sins of omission, we should be humbled and flee any attempt to boast in self-righteousness.

The Westminster Shorter Catechism defines sin as “any lack of conformity to, or transgression of, the law of God” (WSC 14). Put simply, a sin of omission is any lack of conformity to God’s law, or failing to do what God commands, which is as grievous as actively transgressing what He commands. James writes, “So... Continue Reading

How to Read Matthew Theologically

Matthew has packed his Gospel with all the cues and prompts necessary to read his Gospel properly.

The title of the Gospel contains several of the most important cues. This title shows that the Gospel should be read Christo-centrically. The book is primarily about Jesus. Although modern English translations typically identify the title of the Gospel as something like “The Gospel according to Matthew,” the original title of the Gospel is Matthew... Continue Reading

Not as the Word of Men

The Apostle Paul explained that the Holy Spirit was the source of both divine revelation and illumination in 1 Cor. 2:6-16.

There are many other places to which one might turn in order to substantiate the Scripture’s own testimony to itself; however, I have long believed that the teaching of 1 and 2 Thessalonians is among the most overlooked and under-appreciated in this regard. A brief consideration of its teaching bolsters the confidence of believers regarding... Continue Reading

What It Means to Be a Christian

Christianity is Christ and Christ is God.

To be a Christian is to have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Christianity is faith in Christ, love for Christ, and obedience to Christ. But it is more than that. Christianity is a life of spiritual union with Christ.   I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who... Continue Reading

Do Not Love What Jesus Died to Deliver Us From

When we study the Bible faithfully and prayerfully, the Treasure of God’s truth is revealed to our hearts.

God isn’t hiding anything from us, but the battle, the work, to dig into His Word is part of the process of knowing Him and His truth. If we attempt to know Him, but aren’t going to take the time to dig for the truth then our interpretation of scripture will not be very deep... Continue Reading