The Great Trinitarian Debate

Teaching the importance of the Trinitarian nature of God and its relevance for doctrine and life.

Today, Tenth has again been called to take on a serious challenge to the faith we hold dear. It is our privilege to take up ‘arms’ for our King in a battle far more foundational than those two huge debates of the 20th Century – the Doctrine of God and the full deity of Jesus Christ.... Continue Reading

Perseverance of the Saints: Receiving in Order to Continue

Our being never occupies a realm of reality outside of God’s sovereign sustaining

“This is why it is perhaps helpful to speak of the preservation of the Christian by God before speaking of the Christian’s perseverance. Yet, even as we do this we need to be clear about what the Christian is persevering in doing. Put another way, what does God’s preservation of his covenant people, the bride... Continue Reading

Stop Second Guessing God’s Affection

Do you know that you have been eternally on God’s mind and heart.

God has looked down the corridor of time and has seen your sinful attitudes, thoughts, words, and deeds. Additionally, with his omniscient eye he has foreseen your incorrigible free will. Left to yourself, you will not relent and you will not repent. However, despite knowing your sin and lack of repentance, God has foreknown you. He... Continue Reading

Grace that Amazes

One of the recurring struggles every Christian without exception has is the struggle to realise how astonishingly blessed it is to be a Christian.

If you are a Christian you are ‘more than a conqueror through him who loved us’ (Rom. 8:37). More than a conqueror? Me? Yes, you. This is not true only of seasoned, mature, particularly holy Christians – it is true of all Christians, whether you feel it to be true or not.   One of the... Continue Reading

“I Feel Forgotten”: A Decade Of Struggle In Rural Ohio

“They worry about making everybody else happy,” he said. “I feel forgotten.”

Yet, like many other members of the country’s white working class, Jessie and Tracy feel that the country has abandoned them. When I called him last week, Jessie said that he feels as though the government is “bending over backwards” to help other groups—immigrants, minorities—while ignoring the people hurting in his community. “They worry about... Continue Reading

Incarnation or Reincarnation

The birth of this unique man-child in the little town of Bethlehem long ago brings sanity to humanity, and especially to our time of revolutionary change.

The human male baby, born of a woman created in God’s image, is what the Creator gives us at Christmas time. Jesus is the perfect image of who we were meant to be. Thus, we need the incarnation, not reincarnation. We need the final revelation of God in human form, who, bearing our sins, died on the... Continue Reading

When Christians Dwell In Unity

Is it possible for brothers and sisters to disagree and yet maintain unity?

As we have said, our union to Christ and to one another is His gift, not our achievement. But the manifestation of our union is both a calling and an achievement. As Calvin taught us, what is true of us in Christ must be “ratified amongst us by reciprocal harmony and brotherly love.”   All believers... Continue Reading

Even If He Doesn’t

It’s possible to beg God for one outcome, and praise Him in the middle of a different outcome

“Somewhere along her Christian path, some teacher or mentor had told this woman that God is good because He does what seems right to us. She had been taught that we are to name what we want and claim it territorially, as if we can instruct God on the best way to do things.”  ... Continue Reading

How to Be So Heavenly Minded that You’re of Great Earthly Good

The gospel — the full, rich, explosive biblical gospel — calls and equips us to be both

“It’s sometimes said that Christians are so heavenly minded that they are of no earthly good—and in view of the truncated gospel many of us have believed, the labeling is sometimes justified. But there’s no reason this should be the case.”   When I was growing up, I wanted—at various points—to be an astronaut, a comic artist, a... Continue Reading

Our Heart Telescope

As the Hubble telescope is to astronomy, so is the Spirit to the heart of a Christian.

Our problem is that, like astronomers before Hubble, we are so earth-bound with this world’s concerns that the atmosphere around us distorts our view of God’s love. Our lusts for rusting treasures, our worries over life’s issues, our yearning for yet one more pleasure render us unable to comprehend love’s measure without the assistance of the Spirit of God. Like a telescope, we need God’s Spirit to take the enormity of God’s love and focus it down into our hearts so that we can grasp more of the measure of what Christ has done for us.