How Precious To Me Are Your Thoughts, O God!

The God who knows every thought and has planned every day – even the hard ones – is also the God who has entered into the brokenness of our world and died so that we could live forever.

Can we rejoice in the sovereign providence and planning of God when he takes someone we love? Can we rejoice in the sovereign providence of God when afflicted with chronic pain or disease? Can we rejoice in the sovereign providence of God when he does things in ways that we would not expect or desire?... Continue Reading

By Nature We Are Not Ill But Dead

The Reformation is built on Augustine’s anti-Pelagian doctrines of sin and grace.

We all know that Martin Luther and the sixteenth-century Protestant Reformers recovered the doctrine that Scripture is the sole final authority (sola scriptura), that justification is by grace alone (sola gratia), through faith alone (sola fide), in Christ alone. It is less well known, however, that one of the most fundamental aspects of the Reformation... Continue Reading

Is God Simple?

This confession of God’s simplicity represents the common opinion of reformed theology as well as earlier Christian theology.

Divine simplicity as well as its attendant teachings (immutability, impassibility, timelessness) no longer enjoy a consensus. Instead, a number of theologians now deny, ignorte, or redefine simplicity. Certainly, the principle of Sola Scriptura allows even the most central teaching of Christianity to undergo scrutiny. Yet I am persuaded that divine simplicity enjoyed such universal consensus... Continue Reading

Your Ambition Might Be Satanic

Our culture values hard work, and for many Americans busyness has become a status symbol.

Who doesn’t want to be in demand? Thus we adore ambition and the ambitious. It’s here that the Bible gives us a serious word of caution. Not all ambition is good. In fact, there are some kinds of ambition that are really evil. There is such a thing as satanic ambition.   If you were to... Continue Reading

God Does Not Re-Define Sin Or Righteousness

“Sin is any want of conformity unto, or transgression of, the law of God.”

The human story in Genesis chapters 2 and 3, compressed as it is there, comes to sin right away. Adam and Eve were created righteous, holy, and good. They had the ability to choose righteousness but they chose disobedience and death. The Lord had said, “the day you eat thereof you shall surely die” (Gen... Continue Reading

MIA: The Kingdom of God

The phrase the kingdom of God can seem allusive term because it is multi-faceted.

We read about “the gospel of the kingdom” because the good news of Jesus cannot be separated from the kingdom. Often times, the gospel and the kingdom are synonymous, such as in Luke 9 where it says that Jesus sent the apostles out to proclaim the kingdom and God and it then states that they... Continue Reading

Dwelling on Death

We should spend more time considering death and how its certainty impacts how we live our lives now.

In our culture, we do everything we can to avoid thinking about death—at least in a positive sense. We do, however, spend a lot of time thinking about how we can delay or avoid it. We pour our money and time into gym memberships, diet plans, and self-help books in hopes of staving off death,... Continue Reading

What Gender Is the XXY Chromosome?

It is a trap for Christians especially to fall into the notion that biology and chemistry simply define sex contra notions of constructed gender.

The end of sex is union with God in Christ (Eph 5:32). Sexual capacity no matter our chromosomal makeup points in this direction. No matter our genetics, we all have one human nature. And Christ united to that nature through his hypostatic union. And by the Spirit, Christians with one human nature (the same as... Continue Reading

What to Do with Your Wavering Faith

We should remember that the Christian faith has a specific object: Christ.

 “Do you remember, in the stress of your trial, how faith comes? Let me remind you, although you know it. You know we are sanctified through the truth. Sanctification is just the growth of the particular graces of the spirit, of which faith is one. Just here is where Christians make a great mistake. When... Continue Reading

Should Christians Fast or Feast?

We are Christ’s bride, being redeemed by him and having a place at his everlasting wedding banquet.

Just as it is inappropriate to mourn and fast at a wedding when the groom is present, so it is inappropriate to mourn and therefore fast, when Jesus—the great bridegroom—is present. Jesus is the long-awaited Messiah and the bridegroom of his people. Jesus’ coming as the Messiah means that he is lifting the wrath and... Continue Reading