The Church Of The Holy Elaboration

In principle, the Reformation was rejection of well-intended but unauthorized elaborations.

When we say sola Scriptura we are saying, in part, that Scripture is enough and that, unless God has commanded it, the church has no authority to impose a doctrine or practice, however beneficial it may seem at the time. The unique magisterial authority of Scripture means that we are free from ostensible additions to Christ’s finished... Continue Reading

Is the Enemy of My Enemy My Friend?

Mormons, Roman Catholics, Orthodox Jews, and a host of others share many of our enemies in this respect. But, to what extent is there a unity among us?

At a second level, we certainly see all those who defend human life and human dignity, marriage and gender, and the integrity of the family as key allies in the current cultural struggle. We listen to each other, draw arguments from each other, and are thankful for each other’s support of our common concerns. We... Continue Reading

The Uniqueness of Christian Service

Christian service is unique for three reasons

“Christian service is about how our redemption in Christ comes into flower in this world. It is what puts hands and feet and lips to God’s holy-love. Once we had as our life’s goal only ourselves. Our self-interest defined our worldview. Now this has changed.”   Serving is not, of course, uniquely Christian. Indeed, the... Continue Reading

6 Reasons Catechisms Make Truth Stick

A catechism is a collection of theological questions and answers

“The catechisms are excellent tools to focus like a scope of a rifle. They give us clearer insight into who we are, who God is, how we respond, and how to live life with others. Because of the many faithful pastors who have gone before us, we have at our disposal a collection of confessional,... Continue Reading

The Achilles Heel of the New Perspective on Paul

If it can be shown that some first-century Jews did believe in salvation by works, then the foundation of the NPP would begin to crack.

If so, then these passages prove, argues Cara, that at least some first-century Jews did, in fact, believe in works righteousness.  Even if Paul didn’t write these books (though Cara thinks he did), they still show that a works-righteousness mentality was a problem in the first century.  It was a big enough problem that the author... Continue Reading

What Advantage Has The Jew? Much In Every Way.

Most American evangelicals seem unaware of the ways the Abrahamic covenant unifies redemptive history

Paul’s question, “what advantage has the Jew?” comes immediately on the heels of his distinction between those who are Jews inwardly and those who are Jews outwardly. He knew that the moment he made that distinction that he faced the same sort of problem he would address in Romans 9: if it is all down... Continue Reading

No, Eternal Subordination of the Son is not a Baptist Cabal

The Reformers left a void, having written so little to reaffirm Patristic and Medieval doctrines of God.

To be sure, Grudem, Ware, and others have taken the error of Eternal Subordination of the Son to new heights (or lows). And Southern Baptist seminaries have failed in many ways to train their seminarians in “classical categories of theology developed in Patristic, Medieval, and Reformed orthodox thought.” But much more troubling to me is... Continue Reading

How to Interpret Your Life Events to Experience Peace and Joy

It is not the facts of our lives that bring us trouble or blessing, but our interpretation of them.

We can interpret a painful trial in various ways. Interpretation #1: God is not good. He doesn’t care about me. This interpretation will not bless you, but bring you trouble. Same trial, Interpretation #2: Though this is extremely painful, God is sovereign, loving and good. He has ordained this trial ultimately to display his glory and conform... Continue Reading

When Suffering Doesn’t Make Sense

God providentially controls our suffering. But why He sends suffering is not always obvious to us. How do we handle such situations?

There can be an apparent disconnect, at least in the short term, between a person’s spiritual life and their outward circumstances. Sometimes evil people prosper while godly people may face enormous suffering (Psalm 73). Turning to the Lord is not a quick fix for all our difficulties. It may bring on greater difficulties. Ultimately, the Lord... Continue Reading

It’s Not the Doctrine of Justification by Faith Alone that Saves—It’s Christ Who Saves

The doctrine of justification by faith alone does not save—only Jesus saves.

  If there’s anything that would refute the idea that you can be saved by believing in the doctrine of justification by faith alone would be the doctrine of justification by faith alone. Because the doctrine of justification by faith alone precludes the idea that you could be saved by believing other than believing in... Continue Reading


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