Our Grumbling Puts God on Trial and Finds Him Guilty

We can all too easily think of grumbling as harmless.

Perhaps you sing of God’s unfailing love on a Sunday morning. But three days later—or maybe three hours later— you are grumbling. Think of all the things that God has done for you. Think of all he has promised to you. But think, too, how easily you lose a sense of perspective. Think how much... Continue Reading

Humpty Dumpty Revisited

A number of observations are in order.

I think it was Cornelius Van Til who saw Karl Barth’s problem as being, in part, that he used the language of orthodoxy but to mean something that was far from orthodox.  Whether that is a fair characterization of Barth is beyond the scope of this blog; but Van Til’s point would seem to have potential... Continue Reading

Knowledge without Zeal

A proper pursuit of God involves knowing and worshiping God with the intellect.

Have you ever known someone who wasted his life? How many Christians waste their knowledge? Perhaps out of timidity and fear of man, they hide their light under a basket. Consider the fact that many people join the right churches, read the right books, and attend the right conferences—but seem to lack zeal.   Unless... Continue Reading

The Beauty of Surrendered Sexuality

We won’t understand sex unless we understand marriage, which we can’t understand unless we see its grand purpose in God’s eternal plan.

The better we understand God’s sacred design for human sexuality, the less we will settle for smaller pleasures that quickly turn into spiritual bondage. Instead, we will be so captivated by God’s sacred design that we will feel compelled to surrender our sexuality to Jesus Christ, and experience the freedom and the joy that will... Continue Reading

Repent of Lent: How Spiritual Disciplines Can Be Bad for Your Soul

Regarding liberty, since the Scriptures did not command fasting, Zwingli felt a Christian was free to fast, or free to not fast.

Jesus himself had declared all foods to be clean: “There is nothing outside a person that by going into him can defile him” (Mark 7:18). For a church to forbid the eating of foods without biblical warrant was to play the Pharisee, to lay a burden upon a man’s conscience that God himself had not... Continue Reading


The curse of the law was placed upon Christ and he died instead of you. And now you are set free.

You are set free, not to fulfill your lusts and to walk in hatred and enmity, but set free to love God and love your neighbor. You can now love freely without fear. You can walk in the commandments of God, which are good and give life and freedom of conscience. And when your conscience... Continue Reading

God’s Book & God’s Voice

Among certain Christian circles, extraordinary claims of a trip to heaven are accepted as true.

Last week we looked at a glimpse of the kingdom, from the Transfiguration in Luke 9. Peter, James, and John experienced a moment of heavenly glory come to earth, and they heard the audible voice of God. This raises a question as to whether glimpses of glory and hearing God’s voice do still happen today.  ... Continue Reading

God’s People in Exile

God promised to send a Redeemer to save us from exile and ultimately from death.

Humanity’s first exile cast us from God’s manifest presence and put us and the rest of creation under God’s curse. Work became hard, childbearing became painful, and everyone eventually died. We were spiritually stillborn, making it impossible to fulfill our covenant obligations or turn to God in faith. We lived in broken fellowship with God... Continue Reading

Educating Royalty

We must teach our children to be kingdom heirs—not just laborers in the marketplace.

I’ve realized that the biblical and covenantal answer to the question, “Who are you?” is a glorious one that stands in stark contrast to the secular myth that our employment or “career” defines us. Of course, our work and callings as Christians in the marketplace are important. Providing for our families is a great privilege... Continue Reading

Context Matters: Forgetting What Lies Behind

What Paul is after is to press on toward the goal, which is the prize of God’s upward call in Christ Jesus. Now what does that mean?

So that which lies behind Paul, which he is committed to “forget,” is all the great stuff on his spiritual CV that formerly shaped his identity. It was all his accomplishments, his law-keeping, his zeal for God, and his righteousness. He sets all these things aside so he might obtain new life, resurrection, through knowing... Continue Reading