What A Wonderful Word – Psalm 19

If the Holy Scriptures are a scalpel to cut, they are also balm to cure, light to lead to Christ, and power to mend the gait till the reader walks right paths.

It is a wonderful thing to delight in the glory of Natural Revelation, and to linger on the sweetness of Special Revelation – however, to know we have gained the intended spiritual benefit from a sermon, reading or mediation on truth, it is vital that we ask ‘Has there been something of this inward, transforming,... Continue Reading

3 Ways to Work Through Grief

In this lifetime grief will always be a reality, but God promises it won’t always be this way.

In the church, Christians have a community to support them as they mourn and grieve. The Bible calls Christians to “weep with those who weep” (Romans 12:15).  When the body of Christ weeps for one another, the stage is set for genuine Christian encouragement. True Christian encouragement is not an energetic pep talk or a... Continue Reading

Repentance and Salvation

Repentance is necessary for the forgiveness of sins.

To teach that repentance follows justification and pardon is to teach contrary to the language and meaning of Scripture.  It is to teach that we can and should expect pardon without repentance because we are pardoned before (logically or temporally) repentance.  It is to teach a form of carnal Christianity because impenitent sinners are justified... Continue Reading

When We Want to Give Up Waiting

Don’t settle for what is humanly possible; wait for what only God can do.

What is happening in our waiting? Is it just an empty space between our prayers and their fulfillment? No, in our waiting, God does his deepest work. God is sanctifying us and teaching us to trust him. Sometimes we get what we are waiting for, and we rejoice and are grateful. Other times, we never see... Continue Reading

The Incarnation

The Incarnation is a wonderful miracle of God by which Jesus, truly God and truly man, bridges the gap between God and man.

They say that “God created a new human nature for His Son” that “merely passed…through Mary.” Instead, MLJ states that is a true human, the seed of Abraham and the seed of David: “Now if a special human nature had been created for Him, He would not have been the son of David nor the... Continue Reading

Expository Thoughts: Philippians 1v18-25 – the Best Gospel Minsters Are Those Who Really Want to Be Somewhere Else

Rather than finding our identity in our ministry, and our value in our uselessness to others, we need to ensure that we find our identity in Christ alone.

Paul tells the Philippians that he wants to die but is willing to stay and serve, to enable them to progress in joy and faith (v25). I suspect that this is the opposite attitude to life and ministry of most of us. Paul wanted to die but was willing to stay and serve. I fear... Continue Reading

The Precious Power of the Blood: Five Benefits Christ Purchased for You

It is fitting to sing of his blood and, in doing so, celebrate all the riches represented by it.

Our sin and rebellion against God has put distance between us and him. In his old-covenant grace, he drew near to his covenant people called Israel. But now, in the new covenant, he draws near not to a particular ethnic people, but to all who receive his Son in faith, no matter who they are... Continue Reading

Tried with Fire: Consider It All Joy

God has constantly placed His people in impossible situations, asking them to believe Him. He does the same with us.

We experience the discomfort of either a deficiency or a danger. We encounter a trial. When that trial comes, it gives us the opportunity to persist in believing God, often in spite of our circumstances. The trial is a chance to endure, and our endurance matters to God. We are most truly God’s people when we... Continue Reading

The Fall of Satan

It was the very excellency and greatness of Lucifer, according to Edwards, that became the occasion of his fall from heaven.

The account of Lucifer’s rebellion and the angelic objection in serving an incarnate Christ is not exclusive to Jonathan Edwards. In fact, the Italian Reformer Girolamo Zanchi (1516–90), a professor of Old Testament and theology at Strasbourg and Heidelberg, included several reflections about this in his own writings. Thomas Goodwin (1600–1680), who served as a... Continue Reading

David’s Greater Sin

David’s greater sin was being an unfaithful shepherd.

Pastors, elders, in kinship with David, guard your own heart and give yourselves to shepherd the church of God He has placed in your care. Let not numbers of salary or membership or square footage drive you. Rather, be driven by the compassion and care of Christ, who gave His life for His sheep, including... Continue Reading