Four Reasons Rest is a Good Thing

God created us, and we should steward the gift of our bodies and health well

Rest reminds us of our rest in Christ: Yet because the Fall did happen, sin has saturated our work. It weakens our bodies with illness and fatigue. We are born sinners and need not only physical rest for our bodies; we need spiritual rest as well. When we take the time to rest, we are reminded of Christ’s work for us on the cross. His perfect work on our behalf has been given to us. Rather than striving to do what we cannot do—obey the law—we now find our rest in Christ and in his work for us. “For we who have believed enter that rest” (Hebrews 4:3). Christ has purchased for us spiritual rest.

WCF 19: Of the Law of God

Some Christians ask, “If I am saved by grace, then what does the Law of God have to do with me?”

As Christians, we should remember two things concerning the moral law (or ten commandments). If we remember these two things, we will be able to avoid much confusion in the Christian life. First, no one is able to be justified in God’s sight by the works of the law; through the law comes the knowledge of our own sin (Romans 3:20) and our need for Christ and His righteousness (Romans 8:3-4). Second, if we have come to love Jesus, we will keep His commandments (John 14:15); those who have been born of God keep His commandments (1 John 5:2-3).

There Will Always Be Racism And Justice Ain’t Coming No Time Soon

We must try! While we wait For Love's and Justice's foray A Rider called Faithful and True Will judge with justice and make war, Where righteousness will have its day.

There Will Always Be Racism And Justice ain’t coming no time soon. Demand it all you want Someone out there won’t get the memo. Racism’s perverted, constructed monstrosity, Humanity’s Frankenstein Social construction, Will work it’s lips to call you a name As you walk by a window. It will drive up behind you Follow you... Continue Reading

Does Definite Atonement Undermine Our Zeal for Evangelism?

If Christ died only for the elect, can we sincerely offer the gospel to everyone?

“The gospel is not, ‘believe that Christ died for everybody’s sins, and therefore for yours,’ any more than it is, ‘believe that Christ died only for certain people’s sins, and so perhaps not for yours.’ The gospel is, ‘believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, who died for sins, and now offers you Himself as your... Continue Reading

The Five Tests of False Doctrine

How can we distinguish teachers of truth from teachers of error?

Sound doctrine originates with God, is recorded in the Word of God, is consistent with the whole revelation of God, and leads to both spiritual health and godly living. False doctrine originates with men or demons, is foreign to the Word of God, is inconsistent with the whole revelation of God, and leads to spiritual weakness and ungodly living. It must pass all of the tests in order to be sound. If it fails one, it fails all of them.

Worshiping the God of Justice

We cannot seek the kingdom of God without also seeking its justice/righteousness.

Sure, we usually do this selectively. Liberals and progressives, conservatives and traditionalists each have their own favorite sins that they like to denounce, while ignoring those that seem to painful to confront. In the meantime, adultery and complicity in oppression are far too prevalent among us, as we live our comfortable, non-confrontational lives. We are so used to slander and deceit – or even practicing it ourselves – that we stand by as it crashes like a wave through the highest places of the land. We would rather be secure in our salvation, and possess power in the land, than be known as those who stand and suffer with the God of justice.

What Came First? The Desire to Sin or the Opportunity?

From what I’ve seen and heard of fallen pastors it’s almost always the desire to sin that comes first.

The critical lesson is that if we crucify the desire, God will almost always shield us from the opportunity. And even if God may permit the devil to throw a spark of opportunity our way, there’s nothing in the heart that will easily catch fire. However, if we entertain and enjoy the desire to sin, God may permit the opportunity to sin to coincide.

Marriage: A Means to Holiness or to Happiness?

To say that “marriage is designed to make us holy” shifts the focus from Jesus and onto our relationships with one another.

When God created Adam, he made an interesting observation: The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable* for him.” (Genesis 2:18.) Bringing Eve into the picture, then, was a response to the solitude of Adam, not his unholiness. Again, how could it be about making Adam holy before sin had entered the world (see Genesis 3). The answer, as shown above, is that marriage was not designed for holiness. It was designed for companionship.

Jesus Loves the Rich

The Christ who came into the world to redeem His people from their sin, indiscriminately pursued both rich and poor

“The Jesus of Scripture never showed partiality to the poor as over agains the rich. The Jesus of Scripture came into the world to redeem rich and poor. A brief survey of the Gospel record teaches us this important lesson–a lesson that we so desperately need to learn if we are to be faithful witnesses to the... Continue Reading

No Little Women: Know What We’ve Got Before She’s Gone

Indeed, woman has a God-given way about her that is self-evident

“It is abnormal for men, as effeminate as many are today, to actually be feminine, and frankly, impossible.  What woman has inside her can only be cheaply imitated by a man to another man.  She alone can shine as female from within.  Only Hannah can cry and sing over motherhood.  Only Abigail can slow down... Continue Reading