Correct Doctrine Conforms to Godliness and is a Means of Great Contentment, But False Doctrines do Neither

What we understand as Orthodox Christianity is not very satisfying to the unregenerate.

The false teacher is puffed up with conceit (τετύφωται) and understands (ἐπιστάμενος) nothing (μηδὲν). What a description! The word τετύφωται (tetyphōtai) describes people who are full of pride and insolence. They are ‘drunk’ with pride and their hearts are lifted up not only against man but also against God. That sure explains why their eyes... Continue Reading

‘Most Free’

It is interesting that while much attention has been given to free will at the creaturely level, comparatively little has been devoted to divine freedom.

The Confessionally-minded Reformed theologians of the 17th century understood that the divine action does not, and cannot depend on, or is affected by, anything that is not ultimately in the character and will of God. In other words God’s freedom is freedom from any factor outside of God, who is after ‘most  wise, most holy’ and... Continue Reading

Counter-Cultural Aseity

God’s Aseity in the Old Testament

In the beginning only God existed, and he created all things by his very word. The skies, the land, the seas, plants, animals, bugs, fish, and finally humans. All of this, God did in and of himself—the Triune God working within himself to create out of nothing the whole of everything. This picture of the... Continue Reading

Biblical Complementarianism Serves to Protect Women

Male leadership is not part of the curse, it’s one of God’s good blessings for the home and the church.

When we examine the the definition of complemenatrianism, if we’re honest with the term itself, it involves more than prohibitions on women serving. It’s far more than a stop sign for women. The word itself defines the position that points to the calling of men to be the leaders of the home and the local... Continue Reading

Canons of Dort (32): Our Sovereign God Uses Means To Encourage Us

The Remonstrants tried to take the Reformed churches back to the theology that had flourished between Aquinas and the the neo-Augustinian renaissance.

The YRR movement is a welcome return to aspects of classic Augustinian theology but the downside of this recovery is that it is truncated. It has no doctrine of the church and its adherents mostly downplay a vital aspect of the Reformed confession: the God who is sovereign also uses means to accomplish his purposes.... Continue Reading

Your True Inheritance

How do I respond to the good grace of God and recognize my true inheritance?

Bless God the Father who has set up your inheritance for you. A few years back, we had our wills done. If something unexpected happens to us, our kids won’t get rich but there will be a little provision for them. I know my one daughter will be very thankful that at some point [hopefully a... Continue Reading

Shattering Words and Crying to God

God delights when we pour out our troubles on him and call upon him in distress.

So much of scripture is filled with God’s delight in the prayers of the saints, and his curse on those who did not call upon him, who refused to seek his aid. Contrary to the American popular religion, God’s blessing is NOT on the one too proud to seek help. It is not on the... Continue Reading

How John’s Vision of Jesus’ Glory Brings Us Comfort Today

Our primary mission is to be a witness to the world’s one and true King, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Though we live in relative ease, comfort, and prosperity in America, our mindset must always be that of exiles sent to this country to represent the world’s one true and final King, our Lord Jesus Christ. Like the Apostle John and the ancient church, we exist in the tribulation, the kingdom, and the patient endurance... Continue Reading

Machen’s God-Centered Vision

The structure of the modernism of Machen’s day is not too different from the postmodernisms of our day.

In some churches the triumph of modernism is complete. But it is still a menace at the door of all our churches and schools and agencies. One of our great protections will be the awareness of stories like Machen’s — the enemy he faced, the battle he fought, the weapons he used (and failed to... Continue Reading

Raw Honesty in Prayer

When we approach the throne of God, we should not desire him to do anything other than change our hearts.

We often forget that God knows what is in our hearts.  He knows the desired vengeance, the anger, or any other festering emotion.  When we come to the throne of God, we can be sincere, because of God’s knowledge of our heart, mind, and soul.  He is the one we turn toward and before whom... Continue Reading