Advertising on the Aquila Report

There are many different organizations that will benefit from reaching the unique audience of The Aquila Report:  Businesses, ministries,  book publisher, colleges, seminaries, churches, and individuals can advertise. (We reserve the right to refuse advertising for any reason — at our discretion.)

Display Ad Specifications and Rates

Several ads normally rotate in each advertising slot. Advertisers are guaranteed 50,000 impressions per month (based on 3 rotating ads per slot, and 198,000 (average) total page views – impressions – per month)


Advertising SlotSizeMonthly Rate
Right side top of page banner ad468 x 60 pixels, horizontal$120.00
Large top side box ad (above the fold)250 x 208 pixels, square-ish$150.00
Small side button ads125 x 125 pixels, square$35.00
Bottom of page large banner ad728 x 90 pixels, horizontal$80.00
Below the fold (larger) book ads250 x 208 pixels, large squarish$80.00
Below the fold (smaller) book ads125 x 180 pixels, small book cover$35.00

New Beacon Ads – Advertising Zones!

Large box ads (below the social icons), and 125×125 button ads are also available through Beacon Ads.

NOTE: The ad formats (sizes),  placements, and pricing has changed as of 17-Aug-2012.

About Your Artwork

  • We accept ads in .jpg, .png, or .gif graphics format files.
  • If you don’t have artwork, check with us to see if we can recommend a graphic artist that will work with you.