Founded in 2008, The Aquila Report is an independent web magazine containing content of interest primarily for and about those in the evangelical and confessional wings of the Presbyterian and Reformed family of churches. At this point in our life, we are primarily an aggregate publisher, meaning the vast majority of our content comes from third party sources such as other publishers and bloggers.

Mission Statement

To diligently seek,  find and publish news and commentary for our target audience.


The Aquila Report is a non-profit organization (501c3) supported by donations from foundations, churches, other ministries and from individual donors, with additional support coming from sponsored advertising.


The Aquila Report is guided by a 5-person Board of Directors composed of ordained officers in denominations representing our target audience.


  • Douglas Vos, President / Publisher
  • Dominic Aquila, Vice President / Editor in Chief / Co-founder
  • Don Clements,  Co-founder and Consultant

See the Leadership page for details.