A Message from L’Abri on the Passing of Edith Schaeffer

Dear Praying family of Rochester L’Abri,

Our Heavenly Father has taken dear Edith Schaeffer to himself. She passed away quietly in her sleep last night in Gryon, Switzerland where she has been living with her family. We cannot express how deep is our gratitude for her life and we thank the Lord that she is enjoying the Hope that she has so longed for.

Her son-in-law Ranald Macaulay writes as follows:

Dear Friends,

John Sandri called about an hour ago to say that Edith died peacefully in her sleep during the night. It is just three weeks since I was in Gryon with her. In the intervening days John has reported several times that she was much quieter. Doubtless this was mainly the result of her physical decline. But John had had the same sort of experience I had while with her – and which I mentioned in an earlier message – that Edith would become fully aware at times of what one was saying. Recently, for example, he read her her own account of Frank’s birth in Champery. Her eyes were open and alert and there could be no doubt about her reliving that incident vividly.

So I am deeply grateful that she died quietly in her sleep and at rest in herself.

What a lovely person Edith is – and how thankful we are that she has gone at last to her eternal rest. One wonders, too, with her life-long and quite proper excitement about the ‘great tapestry of God’ could she have chosen a more fitting day than Easter Saturday to round off her own amazing contribution to that sublime fabric!

Warm greetings –


There will be a funeral in Gryon and then there will be a private burial here in Rochester, where she will be laid to rest alongside Dr. Schaeffer. Sometime later there will be a public memorial here in Rochester. We will keep you all informed.

“I am the Resurrection and the Life. He who believes in me will Live, even though he dies” John 11:25

Yours in Christ,
Jock & Alison McGregor
Rochester L’Abri

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