A Heartfelt Open Letter to CNN’s Alisyn Camerota

I know, Alisyn, you just don’t understand, as I didn’t.

I am so thankful for the goodness of my Lord and the forgiveness I received for my sins and my very wrong, angry attitudes. My faithful Lord did change my heart. And I pray He will change yours too. I pray you will come to understand why abortion is the tragedy, not children born with special needs. The Lord entrusted our family with a little girl named Belinda, and a message about His unfathomable faithfulness.


Dear Ms. Camerota,

A few weeks ago, I listened as you interviewed Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill on the issue of Indiana’s law banning eugenic abortions.  I was saddened by your curiosity, “…why would you want a family to have to have a child with a severe disability?”

However, I was immediately reminded of my own anger, fear, and ignorance when my husband and I learned we were going to have a child with Down syndrome.

I had so much to learn.  Or should I say that God had so much to teach me.

And I know, Alisyn, you just don’t understand, as I didn’t.

So, if you’ll stay with me to the end of this heartfelt letter, I’d love to share a simple testimony to the truth of the matter.  I want to tell you about our Belinda, because it’s a beautiful picture of a life worthy of life.

I was so looking forward to being a wife and mama, and I still love it.  It’s been the best part of my life, pouring my energy and life into my family.  My husband, Bob, and I have four amazing children, and now two sons-in-law, and a granddaughter too.

Before any of our children were born, we always prayed that they would be perfect and healthy, and though it pains me to tell you, and just so you get a picture of my selfish heart, I begged God every single day, “please don’t ever let me have a child with any special needs; please don’t ever let me have a child with Down syndrome.”

I wanted and thought I deserved my version of a perfect, problem-free life.

So when we learned during my 5th month of pregnancy that Belinda was going to be a child with Down syndrome, I felt betrayed by God and so afraid!!

Lord, I asked you for a healthy baby, and You didn’t obey me.  That was my attitude.  (Isn’t that what we think sometimes when we don’t get what we want?)

But I believe, because of His great grace, patience, and mercy toward me, the Lord was saying, “You may see it as a fearful thing, but I’m going to change your heart.  I choose you to be her mama; I choose this family to love her.  I love you, and I’ll be with you through it and will show you what a gift she is and I will bless you all beyond measure.”

I believed that my Sovereign Lord worked all things together for good, but my faith was weak. I just didn’t get it yet.

Well, at that point the doctor gave us the abortion option.  We didn’t act on it, but I was so emotionally distraught, that for a split second, even though it went against everything I believed as a Christian–my fear kicked in—“Oh Verity, life would be so much easier…., you don’t really know what you’re in for.”

Truly, we didn’t know what we were in for—yes, the very scary, hard days, but also the extreme joys and wonderful things we were to experience with our Belinda.

Thankfully, we did not forfeit those blessings.

Well, Belinda was a very sick baby before and after she was born….and the doctors told us she likely would not live.

Now, I could tell you the whole miraculous, wonderful story, but that is not my purpose today. If you would like to read the whole story, check it out here.

But here are a few things I’d love for you to consider.

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