The Gods And Debaters Of “This Age” Die

What is the difference between Moses and Paul on the one hand and the Egyptians, the Greeks, and Hawking on the other?

Moses and Paul knew the difference between passing theories, which Hawking himself revised and that shall be revised again and the truth as it is in Christ. Moses and Paul engaged the theories and philosophers of their day. After all, they were aware of what had been theorized by the various philosophers and scientists of... Continue Reading

Sanctification Through Song

Singing God’s songs does real, noticeable good.

And, of course, the songs themselves — as I have sung them — have gotten into my bones, and they have generated a longing to return to them over and over again. I have not only been sanctified to sing, but sanctified through song. I still don’t sing well-  I won’t get tapped for choir... Continue Reading

A Functional Imperfect Perfectionism?

In this life we will be far from what we long to be and that which Christ will ultimately and instantaneously make us in glory

The idea that “men demand immediate, tangible results” is also observable in our day by a consideration of the many efforts to rid society of particular injustices. Where there are noble calls to end gun violence, abuse, political corruption, sexual deviancy, racial inequality, abortion, etc., men can unconsciously convince themselves that a complete purgation of... Continue Reading

Why You Need To Be in Church This Sunday

We’ve all but turned worship into the living room experience, complete with coffee, large television screens, couch-like seating, and a pastor who barely got out of his pajamas.

Our low view of the Sunday gathering as pastors has resulted in the church being an optional assembly. If people can get their church experience at home on the couch, there’s no reason for them to drive anywhere. When we strip worship of its weird beauty (the beauty of the Sacraments, preaching, liturgy, mystery), we’re... Continue Reading

Gentleness – All About Communication

In the New Testament, gentleness usually has to do with communication, both verbal and non-verbal.

Gentle people reach out to others in ways that make others want to reach out to them. Communication is easy, or at least looks easy, for the Christian who has disciplined himself to bear such fruit. Are you gentle? Ask yourself, “do others welcome me readily when I approach them?” And “do others easily come... Continue Reading

What is the Object of Our Zeal?

We may not be tempted to worship Baal this week, but where is "grace" used to excuse sin today?

Disparage and mock people who disagree with us because we are obviously “right?” Thus our “rightness” takes precedence over loving our neighbor? Not only is pride at stake but the fear of losing what makes us feel safe and perhaps our identity? Dull our consciences or compromise our ethics for the sake of a political... Continue Reading

Three Types of Evangelistic Contexts: Contact, Context, and Friendship

Few things are more enjoyable than being in partnership with the God of the universe.

Many say that contact evangelism and context evangelism is beyond their comfort zone. They prefer to keep their evangelism in the realm of talking with friends. But friendship evangelism also has its challenges. Often, the friendship has grown and developed, sometimes for years, and the topic of spiritual things has never percolated to the surface.... Continue Reading

White-Knuckling, Navel-Gazing, & Womanhood

The cultural baggage we bring to our understanding of biblical womanhood is an idol that is tremendously hard to kill. Especially when we’ve made that idol our identity.

Somehow, we’ve wrongfully made the home the most significant battle of biblical womanhood. We’ve taken a couple of passages in God’s word and turned them into the entirety of what it means to be a woman. We’ve taken our identities as females and caged them in Titus 2:3-5 and Proverbs 31. We’ve camped out in... Continue Reading

Braving Hard Passages: The Analogy of Scripture

Creativity is not always the best virtue to rely upon when it comes to interpreting a hard passage.

The point?  You must decide between Jesus and your money.  In other words, who or what is your God?  Rather than build your heaven on earth, Jesus is calling you to be generous and so store up treasure in heaven.  Or to put it another way, have a good eye rather than an evil one. ... Continue Reading

Saved by the Life of God’s Son (Romans 5:1-11)

The full present and future life of the believer can never be separated from the resurrection life of Christ.

It is not simply the resurrection as an event that is in view, however. Paul does not say, we shall be saved by his resurrection, but ‘by his life,’ and therefore it is the exalted life of the Redeemer that is intended. The resurrection is in the background as conditioning the exaltation life.   The... Continue Reading

When the Unbeliever Departs: The Aftermath

I had to fight the fear of losing my marriage with a greater fear of God.

I had to learn to fight the fear of losing my marriage with a greater fear of God. It might sound strange, to fight fear with fear, but the more I looked to God as my mighty Sovereign, the less I worried about future outcomes. To be sure, there were many days of shaky trust,... Continue Reading

10 Things You Should Know about Theophanies

The word theophany is a combination of two Greek words, meaning God and appearance.

Theophanies are of different kinds. Examples include a thunderstorm, fire, a cloud, glory, a courtroom, a human figure, a warrior, and a chariot. Each of these highlight aspects of God’s character and his dealings with us. Each foreshadows the coming of Christ. Each kind is mysteriously related to the other kinds.   The word theophany... Continue Reading

Teaching the Trinity: TRIUNE

Summarizing the salient features of the Trinity using the acronym TRIUNE.

No subordination of rank, no multiplication of deities, no confusion of persons. God subsists as three equal persons, not three gods, not one god with three different faces, and not one supreme deity with an angelic deputy and an ethereal delegate. Every Christian should be Trinitarian, not Unitarian, nor Jesus-monistic, nor pneumo-manic.   If I... Continue Reading

Open Borders and the Bible

We need to be very careful how we quote Old Testament laws that were binding to Israel as a theocratic state.

We must be careful when we quote the Bible in support of open borders.  The Old Testament laws were written in the context of a theocracy.  You can’t pick and choose the laws from theocratic Israel and ignore the theocracy itself.  Open borders are indeed biblical in a theocratic nation.  If we lived in a... Continue Reading

Before The Board

A plea to those who are culpable in abortion, while there is time.

This is a familiar dance we’re doing tonight—this charade where pro-lifers come here once a year and plead, and where you grin and bear it. But this won’t go on forever. There are a finite number of these get-togethers, and every time you hear the facts it increases your culpability. Then the Judge will come,... Continue Reading

The Problem with Whack-a-Mole Productivity

The real purpose of workplace efficiency isn't what you think it is.

What I eventually discovered was that the only kind of productivity worth pursuing isn’t simply about getting more done. It’s about getting the right things done with a specific goal in mind. Ultimately, real productivity leads to greater freedom. That’s right, the new paradigm for productivity is about more freedom. It’s about how you can... Continue Reading

Is God Far Away When He Feels Far Away?

A battle in the human heart arises where when something is very hard and God seems far away

So, the experience of God feeling far away is a common one. What is so remarkable in how the Bible approaches people in suffering—fully cognizant that they feel God is far away—is that over and over again it says “he’s near, he’s in it, and he’s going through this with you.”   So Crushed in... Continue Reading

How Christian Faith Led a Single Woman to Defy Chairman Mao

Lin Zhao’s faith led her to embrace communism — then pay the price for opposing it

“Lin Zhao’s story is not easy to read. It has few glimpses of hope and far more despair than triumph. Doubtless, Lian bears secondary trauma from living with it for so many years. Yet knowing Lin Zhao’s story feels essential for anyone who wants to understand the true cost—to mind, body, and family—of steadfast opposition... Continue Reading

Are You A Hoarding Church Or A Healthy Church?

The temptation is to hoard. To focus on our needs. But we are called to a bigger focus.

“The temptation as a church and as a church leader is to hoard people, especially good people, especially if you are situated in an area without a regular influx of newcomers. It is immensely costly to give away your people to other ministries and other churches. It feels painful and costly and can make something... Continue Reading

Residents Banned From Holding Bible Study, Praying in Condo’s Common Area

A sign was placed in the community room saying "ANY AND ALL CHRISTIAN MUSIC IS BANNED!"

“The complaint explains that Donna Dunbar, a Seventh-day Adventist lay minister who runs a nationally recognized soup kitchen with her husband, held a small women’s Bible study in the social room of the Cambridge House complex for two hours on Monday mornings for nearly a year.”   A Florida woman filed a federal complaint after... Continue Reading

Bart Ehrman on How Christianity Defeated Paganism

The combination of Christianity’s missionary heart and exclusive worship led to its eventual triumph

Ehrman argues that the emergence of Christianity as the victor over pagan religions in the ancient world was “the single greatest cultural transformation our world has ever seen.” And, consequently, there are few historical questions more important (and interesting) than how and why that happened.   In recent years there’s been a resurgence of interest... Continue Reading

14 Women of the Reformation That You Probably Never Knew About

These women were dedicated to the gospel of Jesus Christ, some to the point of martyrdom

“Many of these women were well-educated, especially by the standard of their time. They read theology books, especially the Bible, and anything they could get their hands on from the reformers. Their inner circles of friends were part of long and frequent Bible studies.”   All too often, the textbooks focus solely on the men... Continue Reading

The Power of Biblical Thinking

There is something supremely biblical about thinking right thoughts

However, when you look at yourself through the biblical lens of God’s Law, you discover that, “you are a worse sinner than you ever dared imagine;” then, when you look at yourself through the lens of Christ, you realize that “you’re more loved than you ever dared hope.”   Somewhat surprisingly, there has been a... Continue Reading

5 Ways Spurgeon’s Metropolitan Tabernacle Cultivated Meaningful Membership

Spurgeon and the Metropolitan Tabernacle remain a model for pastors and churches today

For all of his evangelistic preaching, Spurgeon refused to separate the call to the gospel with the call to be accountable to a local church. Spurgeon once stated, “I would rather give up my pastorate than admit any man to the Church who was not obedient to his Lord’s command; and such a course would... Continue Reading

The Moment of Truth: Its Rejection

In this very generation in which we live, we hear this malignant mantra: “What is truth?”

Pilate, standing before the Lord Jesus Christ, who is truth incarnate, voices an age-old question. But it is not an honest question from one searching to know the truth. Rather, it is a defiant denunciation of the truth. It is spoken with a tone of derision. It is dismissive. It is spoken with contempt. This response... Continue Reading

Turkey Wants to Keep American Pastor Behind Bars for Life

American officials and supporters say Andrew Brunson has been “unjustly imprisoned” under false charges.

“Let it be clear. I am in prison not for anything I have done wrong, but because of who I am—a Christian pastor,” he wrote. “I desperately miss my wife and children. Yet I believe this to be true: it is an honor to suffer for Jesus Christ, as many have before me. My deepest... Continue Reading

12 Reasons I Love my “Smaller” Church

46% of American churchgoers attend a church of 100 or fewer members.

My church has around 120 members currently, which technically puts it in the midsize category. It still feels like a small church to me, though, as I have attended much larger churches in the past. Here are twelve reasons I love my “smaller” church.   While it may seem as if large churches with lots... Continue Reading

Where Our Anger Comes From (And How to Fight)

I’m talking about that anger that erupts when our plans are frustrated or our teenager dents the car.

When we believe in Jesus, God gives us his Holy Spirit and causes us to be born again to a new life. We are no longer under the dominion of our fallen nature, but it still seeks to exert itself. And the “works” of our fallen nature include anger: “enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger,... Continue Reading

A Tale of Two Williams

One goes to a country that is regarded as the graveyard of missionaries because of the lack of fruit, the other had a ministry mindset of gathering big crowds and encouraging decisions for Christ on the spot.

With our mindset of big crowds = success, and many converts = the Holy Spirit doing work, it is easy to look at these two Bill’s as one being a failure and the other being successful. Most of the Evangelical Church wrongly believes that you are not being blessed in ministry unless you have a... Continue Reading

How Do You Evaluate a Pastor?

I just want to boil it down to two categories: godliness and giftedness.

Before going into what the Bible says about these categories, I want to acknowledge that there are a number of “common grace” preferences that we may come to appreciate about various pastors. Some men may have an extra dose of a particular category. Certainly, you can think of one who exudes more warmth. Perhaps you... Continue Reading