Responding to Revoice: The Case for Overture 28 at the PCA General Assembly (Part One)

The Revoice Conference speakers affirmed homosexual orientation as a legitimate part of their identity; something that should not be condemned or changed. Overture 28 offers a different perspective.

The teachings of the 2018 Revoice Conference may soon split the Presbyterian Church in America. If the errors in their teaching are not addressed, churches and possibly presbyteries will leave our denomination. Overture 28 is an effort to address the errors of the Revoice Conference and to commend a better way of helping those who... Continue Reading

Tried with Fire: Why Us?

Adam’s sin brought death and its brood upon both humankind and the created order.

Romans 8 and Romans 5 have to be taken together. First, Romans 5:12Open in Logos Bible Software (if available) links human suffering and death to Adam’s original sin. Then Romans 8 teaches that human suffering and “natural” suffering (i.e., the suffering of the created order) are tied together. These notions form a single, biblical idea... Continue Reading

Is Homosexual Practice No Worse Than Any Other Sin?

Scripture shows (1) sins do differ in significance to God and (2) God regards homosexual practice as a particularly severe sexual sin.

However, the idea that, if the church had just delivered the message on homosexual practice as sin with more love and more balance, there wouldn’t be any expression of anger and bitterness from the gay-rights community is preposterous. Jesus was a loving guy and yet he was crucified for speaking the truth. Sin hates any... Continue Reading

Report of the RPCNA Synod Meeting June 11-13, 2019

The Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America (RPCNA) Synod met concurrently with the Associate Presbyterian Church (ARP) Synod at Geneva College in Beaver Falls, Penn.

The Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America (RPCNA) Synod and the Associate Presbyterian Church (ARP) Synod met concurrently on the campus of Geneva College in Beaver Falls, Penn., June 11-13, 2019. The meeting began its first day with a joint worship service with. Pastor Gabriel Fluhrer (First ARP, Columbia, S.C.) spoke on the text, “If... Continue Reading

You Can’t Buy Jesus

Being the Church in a Consumer Culture

Like Walmart, we have designated greeters at the door. Like movie theaters, we invite people to enjoy concessions of coffee and a doughnut before they take their seats. Like theme parks and shopping malls, we direct people to information kiosks. Like nightclubs, we offer VIP parking for first-time visitors. There are even door prizes.  ... Continue Reading

Why the SBC Should Say “No More” to Beth Moore

While the SBC has certainly been rescued from theological liberalism—at some point the SBC has become a slave to pragmatism.

Sadly, whatever works often trumps what the Bible actually says. This leads people, institutions, and entire denominations away from doctrinal purity. Over time, the SBC learned that a partnership with Beth Moore would be a good decision both pragmatically (due to her popularity among women) and financially (primarily through LifeWay). No amount of financial benefit... Continue Reading

“Am I A Chinese Woman?” How Questions can Defend the Truth

In adopting this approach we’re not setting ourselves up as the ones with all the answers.

It used to be that this sort of on-the-spot inquisition would only happen if you signed up for something like a political science class. Nowadays we can expect hostile questioners in settings from the coffee shop to the workplace. Whether you proudly walk around wearing a pro-life shirt, or quietly decline having a rainbow flag decorate... Continue Reading

If You’re Defending a Woman’s Right to Kill an Innocent Human Being, You’re Not Pro-Life

There are two serious problems with the personally pro-life position.

The question of when human life begins is a scientific question. And science deals with facts, not feelings. Human life either begins at conception or it doesn’t. This is not the kind of thing that can be true for me but not for you. It’s not a matter of personal preference. Rather, it is an objective feature of reality.   Whenever abortion is in the... Continue Reading

Christian Liberty

Christians with hearts aflame for God come in all shapes, sizes, and practices of liberties.

The doctrine of Christian liberty can be abused by careless Christians who misunderstand and/or misuse the doctrine. Paul comes to the rescue here. Note his words in Galatians 5:13: “For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.” Peter... Continue Reading

Two Pastors, Two Fathers, Two Sons

A Father’s Day Tribute to Fathers

In 1957 Maine Senator Margaret Chase Smith wrote a Father’s Day proposal accusing Congress of ignoring fathers for 40 years and singling out only one parent, mothers, for honor.  President Lyndon Johnson proclaimed the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day.  In 1972 President Richard Nixon signed it into law as a permanent holiday.  ... Continue Reading

Missionary Envy

Each calling has its own advantages and disadvantages, its blessings and its struggles.

When your missionaries come into town, know that their struggles are real. They are broken sinners in need of the message they are bringing to others and they need encouragement. Missionary envy is real. Remember that they have their own issues of envy with you, just like you might envy them for their courage, their... Continue Reading

I Tweaked a Spurgeon Quote, Am I a Politically Correct Sell-Out?

I’ll tweak a quote from the Prince of Preachers if it means we better hear the voice of the King of Kings.

There is a difference between being cautious and sensitive and changing words which could needlessly provide offense. It’s not unmanly or cowardly to work towards this. It’s being pastoral and caring. It’s an effort to meet people where they are. Where we have a problem is when people begin changing the meaning of a text... Continue Reading

Stay Faithful to Jesus (2 Corinthians 11:1-15)

Stay faithful to Jesus by clinging to the gospel and resisting false teaching.

What does Satan use to draw people away from Jesus? False teaching. Lies about God. It’s what Satan used in the Garden of Eden, and it’s what he continues to use today. Notice what Paul says about the serpent: he uses cunning or trickery. He’s very good at getting us to believe things that are... Continue Reading

4 Misconceptions About Resurrection…And the Truth

Since Jesus is the firstfruits of those who are yet to come, if we trust in Christ, we too will one day have transformed, resurrected bodies.

What is resurrection? As my father and I state in the updated Evidence that Demands A Verdict, resurrection is a return to physical life. But it is not a return to the present physical existence with all its limitations. Resurrected bodies are transformed, incorruptible, and eternal (1 Corinthians 15:20-23).   Not long ago, I was... Continue Reading

Why Do We Need Sound Doctrine?

How do we produce mature believers? Sound doctrine.

Just as you physically grow by eating and drinking, our Lord wants us to nourish ourselves on the words of sound biblical doctrine. This is how Christians are to be equipped for the work of the ministry––by learning to abide in the Word. You become like John describes in 1 John 2:14, “You are strong... Continue Reading

Living in Important Times

This Sunday counts in terms of who you teach and how you teach, your prayers for the souls of the saints and the unsaved are of increíble moment.

The New Testament is clear that the local gatherings of believers are the means by which God does his work of building the kingdom. Being a member of a biblical church, fulfilling the commitments which that entails, joyfully joining our voices with brothers and sisters from the same vicinity is a powerful and persuasive tool... Continue Reading

Hard Questions Will Only Serve Him: A New Dawn for Christian Apologetics

In the area of sexuality, as in every other area of apologetics, Jesus lies at the heart of the answer.

We believe that marriage is one man and one woman for life because it models Christ’s love for his church (Ephesians 5:22–33). We believe that the scientific method works because the universe is sustained by the all-powerful word of God (Hebrews 1:3). We believe in love across racial and cultural difference because one day people... Continue Reading

Architectural Metaphors for the Christian Life

When Jesus comes to establish our lives on the only sure foundation, we would be fools to build anywhere else (Matt. 7:26).

No matter how fine the materials of a ministry appear, the important question is, Will it last? Durability is the key. Paul’s sustainability test was much more an assessment of the worker himself. Does he trust the Master’s means, or is he wise in his own eyes? Ministry built by faithful workers committed to an... Continue Reading

The Empathy Trap

Empathizing without thinking is easy, like diving headlong into quicksand. Compassion with conviction requires muscle.

There should be much compassion for those who fall into the empathy trap, since, where compassion is lacking, unchecked empathy often rushes to fill the void. There is a true dearth of compassion in both secular and Christian culture—tribalism when there should be honesty, shaming when there should be help, and politics when there should... Continue Reading

The Tragic Results of Denying the Resurrection

The pressures of this evil place to become temporally focused must be overcome and resisted.

Those who have the blessed hope of life after death are willing to serve God no matter the temporal risk. However, those who are backslidden or deny the resurrection do not have this hope and would rather hold the philosophy of life of, “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die.” Also, hope in... Continue Reading

What I Think We’re Missing in Philippians 1:19-26

Love motivated him to bring others into this treasure rather than keeping it all to himself.

Why has the Spirit of God inspired Paul to “think out loud” here? What’s he doing? Why give them his conundrum? Because Paul is modeling for us here. Consider Philippians 1:9-11. This is Paul’s prayer for the church at Philippi. He is praying that they’ll have a grounded love so that they will choose what... Continue Reading

Identical Equity?

Equity among humanity comes from our created endowment, bearing God's image.

Surely no one imagines that equity is some sort of nightmarish carbon copied cul-de-sac, where everyone lives in the same type of house, wears the same clothes, drives the same car, and goes to the same schools? We recognize that a proper celebration of diversity celebrates the expansiveness of who God is, and what only... Continue Reading

The Time Has Come for True Comfort

We need truth that can handle fires, heart attacks, cancer, and more.

We go looking for comfort in half-truths served up like food that’s been sitting four hours on the buffet. We need old truths that still stand tall after centuries. “What is your only comfort in life and death? That I am not my own, but belong with body and soul, both in life and in... Continue Reading

Small-Town Ministry Is Big with Opportunity

This has given me several opportunities for gospel conversations. And I thank the Lord for it.

I’ve come to realize that ministry is ministry, no matter where you go. Just like any town or church, there are many challenges, but at the heart of it all is this: People need the Lord. Snow Shoe is a small town, but there are still many unregenerate people. Much work remains. If the Lord calls... Continue Reading

The Dawning of the Age of Pelagius

This notion of freedom says you can emancipate yourself not just from God but from society, family, and tradition.

The triumph of the will in every area of life means not liberation but slavery (John 8:34). Pelagius and his followers are preoccupied with human glory, but they miss the realism and the grace of the Cross.   Christianity Today has published a remarkably insightful article by the junior senator from Missouri, Josh Hawley entitled... Continue Reading

Androgyny: The Pagan Sexual Ideal

Clearly God is interested in sex, or Satan would not be so passionately committed to its deconstruction.

The media has shaped the sexual fantasy-world of America’s youth. The “gay” and mainstream presses are now documenting a disturbing trend. Young people are declaring themselves “homosexual” at earlier and earlier ages. Others are embracing bi-sexuality, as an expression of personal freedom and autonomy. Observers note “a growing trend [in contemporary youth culture]…to refuse to... Continue Reading

The Woke Tools of the SBC: A Review of Resolution 9 on Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality

The use of ‘woke’ tools will not end well for the SBC; we were given a test on our commitment to the Scriptures and we failed.

Intersectionality has convinced many within evangelicalism to: Replace theology with victimology. Swap pastors with sociologists. Trade theologians for political activists. We will never achieve “reconciliation” and “unity” and “equality” through social justice. The SBC has made a serious mistake and one that without stern correction will be the tipping point for an already vulnerable and... Continue Reading

The Westminster Society Meeting During the EPC General Assembly, June 18-21, 2019

The Westminster Society is a networking group within the Evangelical Presbyterian Church that seeks to foster unity in the EPC through “confessional churchmanship.”

The Westminster Society is a networking group within the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. It is not a commissioned ministry, mission, or committee of any court within the EPC, but hopes to help assist the EPC in continuing its vision for effective biblical leadership in the present and future of our church. The Society seeks to bless... Continue Reading

On Platt and Priorities

In the Lord's house, the greatest priority is to honor Christ.

Have we elevated our disdain for Trump above the cause of Christ and the fact that He can turn the most wretched of human beings, or those we deem wretched, into His followers by softening the hardest hearts?   It’s been an amazing past few days watching the fallout from David Platt’s prayer over president... Continue Reading

Agricultural Metaphors for the Christian Life

God uses metaphors to convey His saving message to us in a way that we can understand.

Out of the many ways God could have communicated with Israel, He chose agricultural metaphors. Israel was a people whose existence depended on the soil. Israel was liberated from Egypt to enter the land God promised to her father Abraham. Yet notice how this land is described: it is a land flowing with milk and... Continue Reading