Will Anyone View Our “Shutdown” as A Severe Warning From God?

God’s providence tells us all that terrible events, like the Coronavirus, are warnings to everyone of the judgment to come, so we should repent today.

We must consider the warning that comes with unleashing of the Coronavirus. Something is unfolding before us that we have never witnessed in our lifetime. Whether one agrees with the severity of the virus is not the issue. Before us, society is shutdown, churches are banned from meeting, gatherings have ceased, and economic fallout and... Continue Reading

COVID-19 and Longing for a Joy That Is Complete

The church has faced pandemics throughout the centuries, but it has never done so with the ability to move certain aspects of corporate worship online.

One of the worst things that could happen as a result of church services’ being forced to go online is that they would remain online long after COVID-19. The enticement of no commute, being instantly home after the benediction, and getting a refill of coffee during the sermon could lead us to convince ourselves that... Continue Reading

God’s Law and the Coronavirus Pandemic

We are in this predicament today because we have either ignored or rebelled against God’s holy law.

We have promoted the spirituality of the Church, and yet we have denied the power of the Kingdom of God over all of life.  We have retreated back into our caves under the guise of protecting preaching and sacraments, and delivered the world over to Satan by ignoring the totality of God’s law.    The... Continue Reading

Thoughts After Reading Ron Citlau’s Article on the RCA

From my perspective the days of peace are over, not just for the RCA, but for the Reformed Faith around the world.

Back in the 1990s, and likely earlier, we were convinced to abandon two fundamental Reformed principles: Church Discipline and the Authority of Scripture. Not openly, of course. It was framed as love, compassion, and the desire for peace; a putting aside of differences. But lying on the street (Rev.11:3), was the Word of God.  The... Continue Reading

Attempts to Secularize Yoga in Alabama Schools

There is no yoga without Hinduism and no Hinduism without yoga.

Real Hindus do not want someone to blend their religion with another such as Christianity. There are some who, baselessly other than their own desire to do so, state that we can practice Christian yoga. That is like saying Christianity is Hindu. Using any Hindu practice for a non-religious purpose, in this case yoga, is... Continue Reading

What Do We Do Now?

For those of us not on the front line, there are three things that are important for us to do going forward.

Let us learn contentment, be creative and be confident. The Lord is our salvation. We are not our own, we are His. It is time we quit living like God exists for our happiness and start living like we exist to exalt Him and be His people in His world. “And He died for all,... Continue Reading

Lessons to Learn from Mikey Weinstein’s Attempt to Appropriate the COVID Crisis

Although US and UK governments pressure on public worship services may be motivated by legitimate public health concerns, does not mean that it could not be appropriated for nefarious ends.

Infamous atheist and “freedom from religion” campaigner Mikey Weinstein seems to grasp this concept.  In his campaign to force US Navy and Air Force chapels to close, is he really just interested in the health of sailors, airmen, and Marines?  Hardly.  He knows that if he can force chapels to close now because of this... Continue Reading

Few Are the Plans of Many

The Wisdom in Scheduling Well

Because I have not planned well, I sometimes work in vain (or at least fail to do the most important things). I do many things, often many good things, but not the best things. And when I do, I not only let down whoever was depending on me, but I am left feeling unnecessarily anxious... Continue Reading

Fear Not, for I am With You

Jesus, the Captain of our salvation is with us always, even to the end of the age.

There are still many giants in the land. But the One who is with us is greater. He has already defeated His and our enemies. He is victoriously subduing hearts just as He promised. He is working faith in us just as He promised. And the greatest comfort any of us can have—no matter how... Continue Reading

Don’t Forget the Resurrection

Skeptics know that if one proves the resurrection of Christ false, then the Christian faith and its supernatural power collapses like a house of cards.

With Good Friday looming in a matter of days, Paul’s exposition of the centrality of the resurrection of Christ in 1 Corinthians 15:12-22 serves as a good reminder for us all of the catastrophic consequences for our fallen world if Christ “be not raised.”   I had a conversation with a close friend a couple... Continue Reading

Will We Live Out all Our Days?

Can our lives or the lives of people we love be cut short because of someone else’s random acts?

If we believe that we can die prematurely, we will often live in fear. What if we make the wrong choice? Or go to the wrong doctor? Or someone else makes a mistake? Can our lives or the lives of people we love be cut short because of someone else’s random acts?   The spread... Continue Reading

Humbled by the Hand of God

How to Receive Hard Mercies

In this is humility—not that we have humbled ourselves, but that God, in his mercy, took the initiative to humble us first. Yet, he invites us to welcome his work and participate in the process through the self-humbling of repenting, declaring him righteous, and learning from the humbling of others.   Humility is not self-taught.... Continue Reading

Tampa Megachurch Pastor Arrested After Leading Packed Services Despite ‘Safer-at-Home’ Orders

Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel said the arrest is discriminatory and the county's order is being unconstitutionally applied to the church.

Howard-Browne, 58, turned himself in Monday afternoon after Sheriff Chad Chronister and State Attorney Andrew Warren on Monday announced an arrest warrant had been issued for charges of unlawful assembly and violating public health emergency rules of isolation and quarantine. Howard-Browne was released 40 minutes later after posting a $500 bond.   TAMPA, Fla. –... Continue Reading

The Importance of a Historical Faith

There’s a reason we have thorough creeds and confessions.

A part of maturing as believers is growing in our knowledge of what God’s Word says. He has given us a book with thousands of words in it written by his people with the guiding hand of the Holy Spirit. As we follow him, shouldn’t we desire to learn more about him and how he... Continue Reading

Services during COVID-19?

Only with great reluctance before obvious providential hindrances should we withdraw ourselves from Zion’s courts.

If you’ve kept your church doors open and can do so, God be praised. If you felt compelled to close the church doors, God be praised too – though we lament with you that it should be so and pray that they may very soon reopen. “My soul longeth, yea, even fainteth for the courts... Continue Reading

The World Attracted to the Church

The church will only truly be attractive to the world when she is different from the world.

The church will be most attractive to the world when she embodies what the world is unable to embody. The Spirit of God produces the good fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control” in the lives of believers (Gal. 5:22–23). Though the world may have its feeble attempts at temporal philanthropic... Continue Reading

EPC Minister TE Timothy Russell Succumbs to COVID-19

TE Russell served as Assistant Pastor for Middle Adults at Second Presbyterian Church in Memphis.

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you of the death late Monday night (March 30) of TE Tim Russell. He had been hospitalized with COVID-19 for about two weeks. He served as Assistant Pastor for Middle Adults at Second Presbyterian Church in Memphis and was a member of the EPC’s Revelation 7:9... Continue Reading

God’s Sovereignty Over Leviathan and Behemoth

Satan, the Leviathan, is a horrible monster. But he can’t go one inch beyond the leash on which the Lord keeps him.

God doesn’t merely permit evil but commands, controls, and uses it for his good purposes. The most evil deed in the history of the human race—the moment when the Leviathan and the Behemoth seemed ultimately victorious—was the moment brought about by “the definite plan and foreknowledge of God” (Acts 2:23). This was the moment of... Continue Reading

More Than Marriage

What’s Behind Polyamory In the Church?

The presence of polyamory among professing believers is yet another manifestation of a culturally accommodating Christianity that seeks to worship the Lord on its own terms. Yet, it is also a reminder that true children of God are called to be set apart for Him alone, to live under His supreme authority, to believe His... Continue Reading

Freedom from the Misery of Idolatry

Idols are cruel masters.

Jesus knows your weak faith and the ease at which your idol is able to convince you of its lies. And so, tenderly, with a heart of compassion, he tells you, “You’re not giving up your desires; you’re giving them over to me. You’re giving your whole life to me. In so doing, I will... Continue Reading

Women in the Pulpit?

Women are not permitted to hold the office or to exercise the functions of an elder in the church.

In an age that often demeaned women as the intellectual and moral inferiors of men, Paul told Timothy that women, no less than men, have a right to be learners in the school of Christ (2:11). They are to adorn themselves in godliness—not only when they gather weekly with the church for worship (v. 9)... Continue Reading

The Ordo Salutis: Faith

Faith is the instrumental means through which we come to rely upon Jesus Christ who saves.

Historically, Protestant theologians have understood faith to contain three essential ingredients. When someone hears about the good news of Jesus Christ, first, they must understand what they’re hearing; there is a knowledge (notitia) of what and who they must believe. Second, belief consists in their assenting to (assensus) or agreeing with what they’ve heard and... Continue Reading

Pastoral Ministry and Pestilence

Benjamin Morgan Palmer viewed the fulfillment of his pastoral ministry as of greater importance than his own safety.

Pastors must face the dangers of pestilence with a fervor for the eternal well-being of others. May the Lord give His ministers a burden for the salvation of those around them—even in a time of uncertainty and fear about unknown pestilence.   In the midst of the current worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, an account about the... Continue Reading

How DC Churches Responded When the Government Banned Public Gatherings During the Spanish Flu of 1918

“The Christian church is not a luxury, but a necessity to the life and perpetuity of any nation.”

Rev. Randolph H. McKim, pastor of the Church of the Epiphany in Washington DC, protested the continued ban on church gatherings.[25] In the opinion piece, he argued in strong terms that “nothing has so contributed to that state of panic which has gripped this community as the fact that the normal religious life of our... Continue Reading

“It’s the End of the World as We Know It,” and Calvin would feel fine (albeit slightly chippy)…

In our day, bearing the trials of our times, let us get to kingdom work.

Our Lord tells in Matthew 6 that our heavenly Father will provide for all of our needs in the midst of circumstances that threaten not only to suspend comfortable suburban activities and accouterments, but which make us legitimately afraid for our lives. Jesus calls us to focus not on our worry, but on our work.... Continue Reading

The Church after the Coronavirus

Important questions about the nature of the church have surfaced.

While there will certainly be adverse consequences from this current crisis, elders have opportunities to shepherd the flock of God through them and out to greener pastures. If the elders are prayerful, wise, and diligent in caring for the flock and the needs of the whole congregation, the local church may actually come out on... Continue Reading

Fear of a Changing World

Freedom from fear of change does not result from the absence of change—but the presence of an unchanging God.

When you are tempted to believe that your Father is giving you nothing but stones and snakes in this world when you are asking for bread (Matt. 7:9–11), just remember that wisdom does not fear “why were the former days better than these” (Eccl. 7:10). Wisdom hopes in One who is in control (Prov. 9:10).... Continue Reading

The Ordo Salutis: Union with Christ

God, being rich in mercy, made us alive together in Christ.

If we are talking about our salvation in terms of decree, as Paul is in Ephesians 1:4, then we must understand that were it not for Christ we would not be elect.  Our salvation from beginning to end is for Him and through Him.  However, if we are thinking about the Biblical logic of the... Continue Reading

Our Current Cultural Slowdown

There is a reason why God rested on the seventh day of creation.

My prayer is that, though the fallout from Covid-19 is more than I want anyone to face, since we are forced into a cultural slowdown anyway, it will be a time of drawing close to our Savior. A time where we are unable to bury our spiritual pains in a flurry of activity. Most importantly,... Continue Reading

Viruses, Your Immune System, & the Glory of God

Virus bombardment is nothing new.

In light of the voluminous mirco-terrorists ceaselessly assaulting us, it’s simply amazing that we are not debilitatingly sick every second of our existence. How is that? How do we keep living? In part, this thing that the God of the Bible created us with called our immune system.   God’s people have been writing some... Continue Reading