3 Warning Signs a Leader Is Growing Numb

If you have to manufacture joy because you know people are watching, beware.

As you mature, there are many things you will care less and less about. But a growing leader never cares less about people and less about the mission. If you don’t care for people or the mission as much as you once did, your heart is growing numb.


Because leadership is challenging and never-ending, many leaders are prone to exhaustion and burnout. There is always more to do, always more to accomplish, and always people disappointed. To fight the pains of leadership, wise leaders take time to continually care for their own health and their own souls. And when burnout creeps in, wise leaders make adjustments, call for help, and rest. Sadly, some leaders keep pushing. They foolishly attempt to fight through the burnout. And as they do, they grow numb. So how do you recognize numbness in your own leadership? Here are three warning signs.

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