3 Prayers to Pray as You Open God’s Word

The quality of the Word of God doesn’t change. But what does differ is the state of the heart on which the seed of God’s Word falls.

Jesus told a story one day about a farmer that went out to sow seed, and he did so liberally. The picture we get is of the farmer, in a non-discriminate way, throwing the seed from his bag onto all different kinds of soil, and the seed had varying results. But it was the same seed – the quality of the seed never changed. The only difference between the seed that was picked off by the birds and the seed that eventually resulted in fruit-bearing vegetation was the quality of the soil. So it is with us.


Most people have a morning routine. Alarm goes off, coffee pot goes on, maybe you head to the gym – it’s different for every person. But for most of us, the routine follows the same general pattern on a given day. Hopefully, by God’s grace, part of that routine is opening the Word of God. This action, like the routine as a whole, looks different for different people. Maybe you’re in the habit of reading one chapter of Scripture a day. Or perhaps you read a psalm and a proverb. Or maybe you only read a few verses and then journal your way through them.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each of these plans, and there is also gloriously freedom under grace. Your pattern might differ according to your stage in life, the age of your children, or even your personality. But in the end, there is great benefit if you open God’s Word and take it in on a daily basis. But how do you open it? What is your attitude when you lay God’s Word before you? How do you approach His Word?

Hopefully, you do so with a sense of expectation and prayer. In so doing, you are acknowledging that this book is unique – unlike any other manuscript, this is the inspired Word of God. In light of that truth, here are three prayers you might pray as you open God’s Word each day:

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