11 Reasons Pastors Struggle on Easter

Here’s why this day can be a struggle – and why pastors need our prayers this weekend

“For some, ministry is hard. They serve one church while seeking the next one. Their marriages may be struggling, or their children are wayward. They must proclaim the hope of resurrection when their own hope is dying. Easter Sunday then becomes a chore to endure rather than a day to celebrate.”


This coming Sunday is Easter Sunday, a day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Church buildings will likely be more full than all other Sundays of the year. Songs of resurrection will ring out. Congregations will gather in their finest clothes to worship, often followed by a special Sunday lunch.

And yet, for some pastors Easter Sunday is a difficult day. I know, because I’ve been there. Here’s why this day can be a struggle – and why pastors need our prayers this weekend:

  1. The day is often overwhelmingly busy. From early morning preparation to events throughout the day, pastors are on the go throughout the day. Some churches add services for this special day. For some pastors, the day is so full that they have little time to focus on their own personal worship.
  2. The pressure to “do well” is increased. The crowd is bigger, but many are giving the church only this one opportunity to grab their attention. No church leader wants to mess up on Easter Sunday. Consequently, every small issue – each off note, every stumbled-over word, every unintended delay – gets magnified.
  3. Finding a unique approach to the Easter story is not easy. The story itself is enough, of course, but some pastors sense a need to present the story in a fresh and enlightening way. The task of finding that “new approach” when everyone else is preaching on the same topic can be stressful.
  4. Pastors see members they haven’t seen since last Easter. On one hand, that’s good news. Pastors are typically glad to see members return, hoping they will recommit themselves to faithfulness this year. On the other hand, pastors often end the day wondering why they can’t reach those same folks the rest of the year.

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